Turtleneck Long Sleeve (Spandex/Rayon Blend)

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Turtleneck bralette

The Turtleneck Halftee is an amazing combination of comfortable and breathable blend fabric. Our signature "non-slip" band, and a Turtleneck for unbeatable coverage you can't get anywhere else. 

The Turtleneck is perfect under those itchy sweaters that you want the tag off your neck, and it will give added warmth in the cold weather without compromising comfort.  It's so comfortable you will forget it's even there!

We want our Turtleneck Halftee to fit your style without the Hassle.

Fabric & Care
Machine wash with like colors.  Line dry.
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Now you can wear ANYTHING. You'll won't have to skip over the plunging necklines, sleeveless tops, revealing dresses, or jumpers. With Halftee you'll get the arm coverage, chest coverage and solve the problems of showing to much skin with popular clothing trends. Halftee works with EVERYTHING which means your wardrobe just expanded to 100% 

Imagine being able to wear the clothes you want without the worry of showing too much skin.

With Halftee you can layer so many ways to look classy and feel confident. 

Yes! I want my Halftee!

Wear Your Favorite Halftee

Here's the fun part!

CHOOSE your favorite Halftee based on neckline, sleeve length and color and now you can say goodbye to:
✔️Extra bulk
✔️Heat & sweating
✔️Uncomfortable fit
✔️Boring & quick fading colors !

With Halftee you can layer so many ways to look classy and feel confident. 

I'm ready to get my Halftee

Feel Confident & Classy

Now you ready to take on the world girl!

Experience the benefits of wearing your Halftee everyday:

✔️Keeps you modest
✔️Matches any outfit perfectly
✔️Expands your wardrobe
✔️Feel more confident
✔️Move around with freedom

Yes! I want my Halftee!

Focus on living not adjusting...

"How often have you passed the clothing on the rack and thought, "I simply cannot wear that, it's too revealing." or "If only I had an under layer that would make wearing this, easier." Halftee was created with all of that in mind. A versatile, modest under layer that you could use anytime, with any outfit.

Made with our signature 2" band that keeps the Halftee from riding up. Leaving the mid line free of material means less bulk and no added layering heat. Booyahhh!

Plus, they come in multiple sleeve lengths, colors, fabrics and prints. Something for everyone, literally."


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