The 3 Tips for Dressing Modestly in a Stylish Way

How Can I Look Modest but Stylish?

Have you ever felt like dressing modestly and fashionably are two separate things that cannot be mixed? We're here to tell you how you can be both modest and stylish.

Who said that modest clothing for women had to be old, dowdy, and boring? Whether you don't wish to flaunt it, or your cultural or religious traditions encourage dressing modestly, there's truly no reason why you can't be on-trend while covering up a bit. Modest dresses for women and other styles of clothes usually call for longer hemlines, higher necklines, and minimal skin-showing, but that does not mean sacrificing any style.

Dressing modestly should be an exciting way to express your beliefs and values, so don't let it get you down! Today, we're filling you in on some ways you can get dressed and look stylish while keeping modesty as a top priority.

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3 Tips for Dressing Modestly in a Stylish Way

  1. Longer Hemlines — Okay, there's nothing really groundbreaking about tossing out the mini skirts and Daisy Dukes and opting for longer hemlines when you're trying to be modest. But there is a fashionable way to do it and a not-so-stylish way, too. 
    If your go-to looks consist of modest dresses for women, you're not alone! A big part of the modest uniform seems to include midi and maxi dresses. But if you want to elevate your look, a great way to do it is to ditch the maxi dress and opt for a midi or maxi skirt instead. Skirts will take your look to the next level, and because they're super versatile, you'll be able to get a lot of wear out of them. 
    You can dress up a skirt or dress it down, just by what you style it with. Take a luxurious slip skirt, something that is inherently dressy and more formal in nature and can be dressed down by pairing it with a pair of sneakers and a cropped sweatshirt. 
    Of course, there's nothing unfashionable or wrong with modest dresses for women, so if those are your jam and something you feel confident in, rock them! 

  2. Relaxed Fit Pants — There are so many styles and fits of pants and jeans out there, and lucky for us modest dressers, a more relaxed fit is what is currently trending. Skinny jeans can be great, but despite their coverage, their skin-tight fit can also be revealing, not to mention uncomfortable! Of course, dressing modestly does not necessarily mean reaching for baggy, unflattering clothing. It's all about fit!
    The good news is today's trends (and likely the next few years to follow) are all about loose-fitting pants, jeans, and trousers. These relaxed silhouettes are comfortable, flattering, stylish, and, most important, modest.
    As we know, getting dressed really is a balancing act, especially when modesty is a key player. It's easy to get swallowed in your clothes when you're trying to cover up. So, as you're building your outfit, let your relaxed-fit pants be the foundation of an effortless 'fit. Play with balance: try a more fitted top or a blouse with shorter sleeves. Keep your proportions in check by pairing loose bottoms with fitted tops and vice versa.

  3. Layers, Layers, Layers — In the world of real estate, it's about location. In the world of modesty and fashion, it's all about layers! Dressing in layers is the key to dressing modestly. As a bonus, it's also the key to dressing warmly. But right now, we're focusing on modesty. We have a few ways we like to layer. The first is layering items on top. 
    Cardigans are one of the best ways to layer your outfits. They come in all sorts of weights, so you can wear a lighter one when temperatures are scorching or, when the fall and winter months settle in, opting for a cozier, warmer cardigan will do the trick. Moreover, they come in all sorts of fits. So whether a longline cardigan best suits your figure or one that is more cropped, you can find one just right for you.
    Adding a blazer to your outfit is an immediate way to look put together. Whether you're aiming for a more casual feel or a more professional ensemble, a blazer adds an element of structure unlike any other article of clothing. A fun way to wear blazers is by pairing them with a graphic tee. It creates a nice juxtaposition where chic meets street.
    The second way we love to layer is by layering pieces underneath, specifically, layering with the Halftee, the best modest clothing for women. It's a great way to take your summer tops and dresses into cooler weather or make any look immediately modest.

Is Modesty Important to You? Halftee is Here to Help!

We know that many women of all ages strive to prioritize modesty as they get dressed daily. Some mornings it's easy, and other times it can be overwhelming, challenging, and downright disheartening. But, thanks to Hafltee, you can forget about those stressful mornings of finding the balance between modesty and fashion. Adding a Halftee to your look is one of the best ways to dress modestly while looking stylish. 

You can enjoy modest layering without sacrificing fashion. Our tops come in various styles to match your aesthetic. Halftees are meant to be worn for any occasion, regardless of the weather, and will make any outfit modest and something you can feel confident and comfortable wearing. Whether you're going to school, headed into the office, chilling out at home, attending a formal event, or running errands, Halftees will make getting dressed easy. 

Our innovative Halftee, the best modest clothing for women, was designed with your comfort in mind, and because of our signature 2" band, your Halftee will stay right where you want it. Halftees are the ideal underlayer for all your favorite tops, jumpers, dresses, and more! Everyone should feel fantastic and confident in their look! This is why, regardless of your personal preferences, you can find a sleeve length, neckline, and solid color or print that best suits you. 

Check out our online selection and let Halftee help you get dressed with modesty and fashion in mind.


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