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Staples for your Winter Wardrobe

Winter is coming and what does that mean?

It is time to start transitioning your wardrobe from fall to winter.
Many people think that fall and winter wardrobes will just be the same, however, this is not the case. Let’s focus on a few of the characteristics of a winter wardrobe including colors, layers, and accessories.
While in both seasons you are dressing to be warm, the vibes are very different. As we have discussed in other blogs fall often embodies warmer colors such as burnt orange, however, winter focuses on cool tones. Icy blue, white, and grey are what I think of when I think of winter. However deep colors such as navy and forest green that we see in fall also work for winter.


Another thing to consider is layers. With cold weather comes lots of layering. Layering can make or break an outfit. It is easy to just throw on extra layers with little thought behind the styling. What this does is cause a bulky, messy, thrown together look. Instead, we want to use layering to our advantage. Layering, when used right, adds dimension and intricacy to any look or outfit. Trending layering items right now include turtlenecks, mock necks, sweater vests,
puffer vests or coats, button-downs and more. There are so many items to work with to give a layered, warm look that is also trendy and stylish. There are even stylish coats you can buy.

Rather than wearing a basic coat, try a trench coat or a blazer to create a more elevated look. These are the types of items that will give you warmth, while also allowing you to show off that you are fashionable. An example of this is to put a long sleeve turtleneck under a sweater vest with a puffer on top. Pair this with a pair of jeans or slacks and some boots for a cute winter look!

Next up is accessories! There are so many cute winter accessories. Depending on how cold it is where you live accessories from beanies to earmuffs are necessary. There are so many options to choose from to suit your style. For example, when looking for a sportier look there are ribbed beanies that can be folded over on the edge. This would pair well with cargo, pants, lifestyle sneakers, and an oversized tee. But, when looking for a cutesy style there are beanies with the
puff ball on top which would pair well with a sweater, jeans, and some cute boots.

Changing up your purses, belts, jewelry etc. can also be a good transition to winter. I, personally, love to pull out my neutral bags. Dark tans or black bags fit so well for wintertime. Materials such as suede or leather work well for this season, however, watch the weather when going out with these bags!

Now that we talked about some characteristics of a winter wardrobe, let's discuss how to use these characteristics to dress for different winter events/occasions.
The winter season is full of holidays. This often means parties and family time. From Christmas, to Hanukkah, to New Year’s Eve, and more. These holidays often require some sort of dressing up. Using the right colors, layers, and accessories can help you easily create a holiday outfit. Holidays such as Christmas often have colors tied to them. Wearing red, green or gold is an example of this. But for holidays like New Year’s Eve, it is fun to bring out colors such as black
and gold, or wear something sparkly. For a fancier holiday look, I suggest pairing tights or lace with your outfit. Our Link Lace Halftee goes so cute with a dress.

Of course, there are also times in the winter where comfort is key! Being bundled up on a snowy day, running errands, watching movies, drinking hot chocolate. There are ways to be cute and comfy at the same time. This is when we can pull out yoga pants or sweats to pair with crew necks, hoodies, and oversized tees. Layering tees with turtleneck Halftee or adding a puffer vest over a hoodie. While this outfit doesn’t require much effort, it can still look trendy and put together.

So, when doing whatever you have planned for this winter remember the three characteristics that can help you choose your winter wardrobe: layering, accessories, and colors. Don’t forget to use these to add dimension to your look and to change your closet from fall to winter!


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