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3 Perfect Christmas Presents for Your Little Girl

Christmas is approaching, and you have a few gifts left to get! You are struggling to find the perfect gift to get that little girl in your life, something she will enjoy…. Is she still into my little pony, or is she starting to worry about her fashion sense? Should you get her a gift card and let her buy her own presents? Deciding what to get is hard! What if she doesn’t like what you pick?!?!

Have no fear, we have some great gift ideas for the little girl in your life! Research shows girls are universally into a few things. SO, you can bet that picking something in these three categories should go over well! 

1. Creativity

Nowadays we have a ton of DIY creation kits! They range from jewelry, art, soaps, lip gloss, and more! Amazon is a great place to find these, but you can get them at Walmart, Target, Khols and more! Check out a few of these kits from brands like You-niverse, SmartLabs and Alex Spa (there are a lot more too):

2. Privacy 

Little girls love having a place for their secrets or ideas that they feel are safe and secure! Check out some lockable journals, a diary or a lockable activity journal to create some fun opportunities they can enjoy locking up! Mind you it’s always a good suggestion to give one of the keys to mom or dad to hold onto in case they lose their key. There are tons of fun journals that ask questions and have activities to play within the journaling! Check out Scholastic Books, a local books store, or online!

3. Fashion 

Accessories are a great start! Necklaces, scarves, earrings, and shoes are always great items to give! But, what about something that can keep her favorite sleeveless top or short sleeve shirt in her closet longer? She loves the sequin top she got this summer and is so bummed to put it in her summer clothes! So, give her the gift of a GIRLEE Halftee and extend the wearability of her shirts through the winter season! That’s right, we have Halftee’s for you and the LITTLE woman in your life! Shop Halftee Girlee!



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