Cream Lace Half Tee: c/o Halftees.
Floral Scarf (worn as a headband), Tan Heels: Thrifted.

Why hello everyone!
I've always hated wearing camisoles and t-shirts underneath my dresses. Back in the early 2000's when layering camisoles under your t-shirt was the 'big thing' I always felt so silly and uncomfortable. I was constantly pulling down and readjusting my camis and even when they were adjusted, I had all sorts of weird lumps and bumps. Boy oh boy the the pre-teen in me wish I would have discovered Halftees back then!

I was so intrigued when the wonderful guys and gals at Halftee contacted me asking if I would like to try out one of their products. I had never seen anything like it before or even heard of the concept. Halftees are literally what the name says; half a tee. A comfortable band right under your bust keeps the t-shirt from bunching up underneath your clothing and helps the undershirt stay in place. Such a mind blowing concept for me! They have halftees in all sorts of styles- sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 length, and even full length, as well as, having various colors to pick from ,too.

This little lace halftee I'm wearing in the perfect, no hassle ditty to slip underneath all of the summer, sleeveless dresses I always wear. After all, I do have to pay attention to the dress code for another two months, hehe. The only problem I had with my halftee was the sleeves were quite a bit long and I had to roll them up. Perhaps that's just my shorty arms though!

Today was my last day of school and I'm now officially on spring break! Hooray; too excited for words! I'm not doing anything special, but I do plan on doing a lot of blogging, reading the Hunger Games (I saved them for when I would have time!), and also watching all sorts of movies I've been wanting to see. Blue Valentine and The Notebook (yet again)? Mmm, I have no problem with a Ryan Gosling Fest

With much love, Lauren.

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