Boyfriend HALFTEE Layering Top

Ode to the Boyfriend HALFTEE....
One of our favorite family jokes is..."Do you have tickets?" 
"To what?" 
"The gun show" 
and then whom ever is telling the little joke, kisses their bi-ceps. 
If I had a dollar for every time a woman told me she, "hates her arms," I would be a rich little lady. The Boyfriend sleeve HALFTEE was the 3rd sleeve length to join the Halftee family. It was designed with the woman in mind, who regularly says , "I hate my arms." or feels like, "the basic cap sleeves cut my arms off at the worst part." This may be true... The Basic Halftee is a bit of a better fit for those women who have skinny little arms, or arms that stay solidly and firmly in place even while in action. I love the Boyfriend sleeve for almost all of my tank or sleeveless shirts and dresses. I believe the Boyfriend sleeve Halftee brings a more finished and polished look to any outfit, and definitely lengthens and slims our pesky upper arms. The Boyfriend sleeve Halftee is the favored sleeve length for women ages 40-60---We all know that the older we get, the harder and harder it becomes to keep our upper arms from flabbing around.  I love seeing a wonderful woman  be introduced to the Boyfriend Halftee. Without fail she will want to own every color and two or three white and black Boyfriend Halftees. She simply does not want to be without it!!!
Boyfriend sleeve Halftee
Why did we name it the "boyfriend" sleeve?
 Well honestly, isn't that what you call that sleeve, the boyfriend sleeve? Like your boyfriends T-shirt type idea? I get that question a lot, so maybe it wasn't as clearly understood as I thought, a longer sleeve like on a men's undershirt is called a boyfriend sleeve. Or so I thought...:) At least that is what it is NOW named! And like a good always want to keep it close at hand!
Noelle hasn't always been huge fan of the boyfriend sleeve, mostly because she is one of those women with skinny little arms, which happen to stay in place.  This past summer she had a change of opinion, "I decided I LOVED the t-shirty look under sleeveless shirts and I love the way they make my arms look extra skinny." She posted a pic of her on Facebook with a boyfriend on and I almost passed out. I love that she has finally decided to embrace the great look a boyfriend sleeved halftee has to offer.
Now back to the joke that I started this ode off with. If you have a few insecurities about YOUR "guns" then get a few Boyfriend Halftees. They will give that confidence you may be lacking to pull off some of those super fresh and cute fall styles and possibly the confidence to invite some of your peeps, "to the gun show" hahaha! Come see our HALFEES


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