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A Bright Christmas Message Just for You

Hello all you beautiful women. What a year it has been. Once again I write to you to say Thank you! Thank you from our Halftee family to yours, for all your love and support this crazy year of 2020. My heart goes out to the many families that have been affected by Covid-19, in many more ways than one. Please know that I pray for you daily. I wish I could by name but I pray that your hearts may be filled with peace and comfort from the heartache so many of you have faced this year. I look forward to celebrating Christmas more this year than ever as it gives me a chance to reflect on my Savior and His hand in my life. I know that as we look to Him, and spread His light we can find peace and happiness this Holiday season.

This year has given us many chances to be reminded of the gift of a healthy body, a good job, family time, religious service, technology, serving our neighbors and family, integrity, school, teachers, extracurricular activities, and much much more. I pray that through all the ups and downs of 2020 we will sit down and write a long list of what we are grateful for. I believe that in the midst of trials God’s blessings are being poured upon us more than usual. But oftentimes we are so busy dealing with the trial, the blessings are missed until a much later date when the dust has settled. My challenge to you this Christmas is to not wait for the dust to settle but to start right now, TODAY, to start counting His blessings in your life and in the lives of those you love.

So I will start my list with you, TODAY, of my greatest gifts I have been shown this crazy year. My family and the time we have had to spend together has been irreplaceable. My Halftee team has been flexible and hard working no matter what our work week looked like. I have had the most unique opportunity to love and serve a new friend, and this has brought me great joy and reminds me that we literally are His hands to many of our fellow human beings' lives. The love and appreciation I have for my children's teachers and the countless hours they work to help my children learn. My love for worshipping in a chapel with others of my faith. The basketball team that I coach and the opportunity to teach a game I love dearly. The great blessings of technology to help us gather, to work, and to learn. My mom who took two little girls into her home everyday to help them continue their “at home” learning. The opportunity to slow down and be with friends. These are just a few of the many blessings that have been a part of the 2020 “dust.” Now I challenge you to start yours. I would love to read them. Send them to me at support@halftee.com. Strength in numbers:)

Here's to a lovely Christmas Season and a wonderful new year! My final blessing I want to share is: YOU!!!! We are grateful for you each and every day. Please keep spreading the love of Halftee, we know that through our VIW's (very important women ;)) that we can continue to do what we love everyday and that is to serve you through practical layering solutions.

Merry Christmas and May God Bless You and your Family.

Amanda Barker

CEO & Founder of Halftee


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