A Dessert Worth TRIFLE-ing With from ThePhoenixMama Blog - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

A Dessert Worth TRIFLE-ing With from ThePhoenixMama Blog

Delicious Recipes are fun to find, but sometimes hard to follow... Here is one of my favorite recipes that is easy to follow, gorgeous to look at, and super delicious!

Up first! The Trifle! A recipe passed down in the family that looks great- has many variations and can even be made dairy free for those with dairy intolerance or allergies! Both ways will be shown here, and can also be found on ThePhoenixMama.com Blog.

Trifle Recipe

What do you need?

1- A Sponge Cake or 2 if you like more cake

2- 1 package of Vanilla Pudding (6oz)

3-1 Pint of Fruit (your choice on variety)

4-1 Tub of Cool Whip (Alternatively for a dairy free option you will need 3-4 cans of coconut cream and sugar to sweeten)

5-Milk or Coconut milk for mixing your pudding.


-Start by making your pudding. You can make it like the package direction say. If you have a dairy allergy you can find dairy free mixes and use almond or coconut milk to mix it up. In this case we will be using coconut cream, so a coconut milk may add a synchronized taste.

-Cut up your fruit. You can use any fruit options. Tropical, berries, strawberry banana... you name it. For Flag holidays I like to use Strawberries and Blue Berries for the "red and blue" display on a table.


-If you are using coconut cream, you will want to have refrigerated them the night before. Open your cans and carefully scoop out the cream fat from the top, avoiding the liquid underneath. Put it in a bowl or stand mixer, add sugar to taste and beat until peaks form and it's light and fluffy. Put in the fridge to keep until you are ready to build the dessert.


-Cut up your sponge cake into cubes. You do this last to preserve the sponge and not let it dry out.

Next thing we need to do is get a serving dish. It's best to put in a LARGE, TALL, GLASS serving bowl to display, but any container large enough will do. First thing you do is LAYER your cream or whip. Next layer is a sponge cake, then layer pudding on top. Last Layer is fruit. Then you repeat this 3 times. so you should end up with 12 layers all together.

Again from bottom up it goes Cream/Whip, Sponge cake, pudding, fruit. 3 times. See why you need a large bowl and how a Glass one would be really cool? This will serve 8 and you can store it covered in the refrigerator before serving and for 3-4 days after. It is best served within an hour of making. It will most likely be gone before you have any to save.

There you have it! Enjoy this delicious dessert and have fun with the different fruits that are in season at that time. Great desserts that have an aesthetic appeal always do well at parties, events, gatherings and birthdays! Have fun and get creative!


Thank you to The Phoenix Mama Blog for this great recipe. Find more recipes on her blog!


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