Cold But Cute: Six Winter Styles You Will Love

Cold But Cute: Six Winter Styles You Will Love

As the leaves turn and the air gets crisp, it's time to embrace the winter styles that keep us cozy yet chic. Winter doesn't mean sacrificing style for warmth; it's about finding the perfect balance. Layering in style is the way to go, and we've got the right pieces to make your winter wardrobe both functional and fashionable.

1. The Mock Turtleneck – A Timeless Essential

Nothing says winter style like a classic mock turtleneck. A mock turtleneck (or “mock neck,” as it’s sometimes called) is an excellent choice if you want extra coverage around your neck without committing to all the fabric in a traditional turtleneck. A mock turtleneck is perfect for layering under your favorite sweaters or jackets.

The Mock Turtleneck – A Timeless Essential

Our Mock Turtleneck Elbow Sleeve Halftee is a game-changer, offering the right amount of coverage around your neck and shoulders while cutting down any bulk around your waist. Pair it with your favorite dress to give it some extra warmth, and keep rocking your style even when the weather gets colder.

If you are also a fan of traditional turtlenecks, then you’re in luck! Our Halftees also come in a turtleneck option.

2. Cozy Scarves for Chilly Nights

When the winter winds blow in, there’s nothing quite like a scarf to add warmth and style to your outfit. Scarves are great at bringing colors and patterns to your ensemble. And with so many ways to style them, the possibilities are endless.

1. The Classic Drape: Effortlessly Elegant

Start with the basics: the classic drape. Simply drape the scarf over your neck, letting both ends hang in front. This look is perfect for showcasing your scarf's unique pattern or color. This look is also great if you want to add some movement or flowing elements to your outfit.

2. The Wrap-Around: Cozy and Chic

For those extra chilly days, the wrap-around style is your best friend. Wrap the scarf around your neck a few times, leaving little to no ends hanging. You can even tuck the edges under the wrapped scarf if you want them tucked away. This style pairs beautifully with our mock turtlenecks, offering maximum warmth while keeping your look sleek and polished.

The Knot A Twist on the Traditional

3. The Knot: A Twist on the Traditional

Add a playful twist to your scarf styling by tying a simple knot in the front. This works great with longer scarves and adds a focal point to your outfit. Wear this style with a close-fitting top to add some contrast to your ensemble.

4. Looping It Through: Warm and Fluffy

Another great style is looping the scarf through. Fold the scarf in half and then hang it around your neck, with one side being the fold of the scarf (which creates a loop) and the other side the open ends. Take the ends on one side, thread them through the looped end of the scarf, and gently tighten the scarf around your neck.

This look offers a ton of warmth but also gives your scarf a more voluminous look. This style works great with scarves that have a lot of ruffles you want to show off or if you have a thinner scarf that you want to look thicker.

3. Layering With a Twist

Layering is a classic part of winter fashion. Winter is the best time of year for layers, after all! Lots of layering is simply adding garments on top of what you’re wearing, like scarves, sweaters, or jackets. However, adding clothes underneath can be both stylish and fun. 

Add a twist to your layering game with our Long Sleeve Halftees. Our Halftees come with classic scoop necklines, turtleneck, and mock turtleneck necklines, to name a few. These versatile pieces can be dressed up or down, ideal for those chilly evenings out or cozy nights in.

The best part? It's available in various colors, making it the perfect base for any winter outfit. This piece works wonders under sleeveless dresses or tops, giving you that extra warmth without compromising style.

The Sleeveless Turtleneck — Chic and Unique

4. The Sleeveless Turtleneck — Chic and Unique

For those days when you want to make a statement, our Sleeveless Turtleneck Halftee is your go-to. It's a unique take on winter styles, blending the classic turtleneck look with a sleeveless design more often worn in warmer months.

A sleeveless or short-sleeved turtleneck is perfect for layering under blazers or cardigans. The sleeve length makes the garment a flexible option for those times of year when the weather is unpredictable or changes throughout the day. It’s easy to change the look of the shirt by swapping out the outer layer you wear over it.

Winter Ensembles

This garment offers a chic and modern edge to your winter ensembles. It’s also a good choice for business casual looks and provides a sleek silhouette that can transition easily from day to night.

5. Embrace Color

The winter season doesn’t mean you can’t have color in what you wear. Brighten up your wardrobe with some brilliant hues. The neutrals of winter offer a perfect backdrop for that pop of color in your outfit.

Some great colors to wear in winter are deep reds, dark greens, and vibrant blues. Simply add dusty orange, mustard yellow, or other autumn colors to your outfits for a more rustic look.

To add color and warmth to your outfit, try our colorful Long Sleeve Halftees. These vibrant long sleeves are a fun way to add color to your winter outfits while keeping you warm and stylish. Our Halftees also come with short sleeves and quarter sleeves, giving you a layering option no matter the outfit or the season.

Winter Patterns

6. Winter Patterns

Winter is a beautiful season for patterns, with several styles pairing particularly well with the winter months. Here are a few to choose from:

1. Plaid: The Timeless Winter Classic

Plaid is the quintessential winter pattern. It evokes a sense of warmth, tradition, and comfort. Whether you have a classic red and black buffalo check or a more subdued gray and white tartan, plaid scarves or skirts can add a festive touch to your winter wardrobe.

2. Houndstooth: Sophistication in Every Thread

Houndstooth is a pattern that speaks of elegance and sophistication. Its distinctive broken checks bring a classic yet contemporary vibe to any outfit. Another benefit of Houndstooth is that it looks great in every season. So, that Houndstooth jacket you thought was great for winter? Turns out it’s great for the rest of the year, too.

3. Fair Isle: A Cozy Knit for Winter Days

Fair Isle patterns, with their intricate designs and multiple colors, are synonymous with winter. Originating from the remote island of Fair Isle in Scotland, this pattern adds a rustic charm to any outfit. A mere glance at the patterns makes you feel cozy, and who doesn’t want that in winter?

4. Floral: Winter Blooms to Brighten Your Day

Who says florals are only for spring? Winter floral patterns, often in deeper hues, bring a touch of brightness to the darker days. Try patterns with small flowers in winter colors to blend the floral theme with traditional winter aesthetics. It’s a fun combination of two unexpected elements.

Layer With Ease at Halftee

At Halftee, we understand the importance of staying warm without sacrificing your style. Our Fall and Winter Collection is designed to offer comfort, versatility, and a touch of elegance. Whether you're layering up for a day at the office or a night on the town, our Halftees are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

Ready to revamp your winter style? Contact Halftee, check out our full collection of winter styles, and find your new favorite layering pieces today!


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