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Fool Proof Modest Outfits

We live in a day and age where layering is trendy! Layering basics with a fun print or bright color completes a look. For those that live by a standard of modesty, this trend is one we are grateful to keep around! Whether you are looking for an outfit idea or how to put together something from your closet, you are in the right place!

Stack It

One of the easiest ways to look cute and stylish while staying modest is by wearing a basic underneath a sundress or romper! This spring and summer is all about the flowy sundress. This look will be light enough to prevent overheating and comfort in the warm sun. Depending on what you stack, you have the freedom to dress casually or more dressed up- whatever you’re feeling!


Keep it Casual

Don’t overthink it! The simplest way to look put together and classy is by wearing simple basics with a pair of shorts and jeans. This type of look can let you explore wearing fun accessories for hairstyles- or allow you to throw something on when you run errands! Simple outfits are easy and show off sleek, clean fashion!


Make a Statement

There are modest pieces out there- and some are really fun! Try mixing in different sleeve lengths and types, ruffles and patterns. Lots of the time, one part of our outfit shines, and we can showcase it, or build the rest around it. Try to find items that are fun and unique, and show off your personality. Think of your favorite features and find colors that compliment your eyes or hair color. Don’t be afraid to make a statement!


Watch the Trends

Most of the time, fashion trends can comply with modesty, we just have to keep our eyes out! Scrolling through social media outlets, like Pinterest, can give us a heads up for what fashion trends are coming our way. We can also find tons and tons of modest outfits and clothing options!

Be You

The most important step of picking out an outfit is finding what you like, and what you feel most confident in. Keep in mind that it rarely matters what anyone else thinks or is interested in. Fashion is diverse and completely customized to what each of us likes. Don’t worry about anyone else, wear what you love!



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