Grandma Mamone's SECRET Meatball Recipe

Those who know Noelle know how much she prides herself in her meatballs. It's a family recipe that traces back to Italy--they're the real deal, and they're REAL good. 

Grandma Mamone made her meatballs without using measurements. When you asked her how she knew if it was the right amount, she would say "If it smells good!" She used pure intuition. Noelle followed Grandma Mamone around one day, so after Grandma eyeballed the measurements, Noelle quickly measured them and wrote down the exact amount Grandma used. This recipe really is TOP SECRET. We will probably get in trouble from the family for sharing, but they are just too good not to. We had so much fun making them! These aren't your average meatballs. These are authentic straight out of Italy. Find the recipe at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Amanda & Noelle wear HALFTEES for every occasion. Amanda has on a pink boyfriend and Noelle is wearing a navy v-neck. They are both wearing them under dresses for a darling, light summery outfit!

A favorite of ours is Pillsbury French Bread--tastes so good with the meatballs.



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