Halftee + Breast Cancer Awareness Month = Impact - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

Halftee + Breast Cancer Awareness Month = Impact

Recently our team here at Halftee has received a handful of reviews from breast cancer survivors. This feedback has really opened our eyes to the potential that Halftees have to help breast cancer fighters and survivors have more comfort in their lives! As you likely know, October is breast cancer awareness month, so realizing the potential we have to help others, we want to share some of their stories with you. 

Anena’s Journey 
“I had breast cancer in 2011 with a single mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. My plastic surgeon told me I would never be able to wear a bra because the breast I had removed and reconstructed was not “pointed” like a normal breast and a bra would not fit properly. He was so right! So I have had to wear full camis or full tanks under my clothes. I ordered the Halftee in tank and spaghetti straps to try since full length are so hot during the summer weather. The halftees are an answered prayer for a bra or cami!!!”

An Anonymous Supporter 
“The Halftee has been a lifesaver for me.  I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy.  A lot of tissue was removed from the left side of my chest.  Even the mastectomy bras and prosthesis could not hide the concave indention in my chest wall.  I can wear the Halftee to hide the indention with many of my tops that have scoop or v necklines that I otherwise could not wear without the extra bulk of another shirt or camisole.  They're perfect!”

From Survivor Clara Ochoa 
“May I say in three words what I feel about breast cancer BREAST CANCER SUCKS!  I was diagnosed in May of 2014 but fortunately by the following May, 10 surgical procedures and 6 rounds of chemo I was deemed cancer free.  It has not been an easy road since then, due to many changes in meds, because of the adverse effects it had to my body which caused debilitating joint pain throughout my body.  But finally we found one that made it so I am able to function almost as I was precancer.

“There were good things that came from it as well.  I truly came to know that the Lord knows each one of us personally, He knows our every need. I was truly blessed by countless tender mercies of the Lord and for that I am eternally grateful. I know He has his hands in all things and all we need to do is not only listen to the Spirit but also acknowledge and heed to those promptings.  

“Joshua 1:9 became my personal mantra…  Upon completion of my final chemo treatment I was dubbed Chemo Queen, and just this last weekend I participated in a Party in Pink fundraiser and might I add, as an instructor.

“Was it or is it an easy road, NO, but I will carry on and when I look back on it and as I live my days I can do it with a smile upon my face.”

We are inspired by these strong women. We love Halftees, but seeing the difference that Halftees make for breast cancer survivors totally elevates our commitment to continue providing women with something that can bless them. This October, we want to do even more for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we’ve put together a breast cancer research fund. If you know a cancer fighter, or if you want to join us in making a difference for women like Anena and Clara, we hope you will consider donating $1.99 to fight cancer



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