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Hot Summer Styling Tips

Get ready, it’s almost summer time! It is the time of the year when the sun shines brighter, the days are longer, and the weather is warmer. Summer is also the perfect time to experiment with different styles and outfits that are comfortable and fashionable. One of the best ways to do this is by incorporating Halftee shirts into your summer wardrobe.


Halftee shirts are a versatile fashion item that can be worn in a variety of ways to create a unique and stylish look. These shirts are designed to be worn under any top, providing a comfortable and modest layer without adding bulk or extra warmth. One of the biggest challenges of dressing for the summer is staying cool and comfortable in the heat. Halftee shirts are made from lightweight and breathable materials, such as rayon and spandex, which makes them perfect for hot summer days. They allow air to circulate and prevent you from overheating. Here are some of our favorite Halftee summer stylings:


Layer with a Tank Top or Sundress


One of the easiest ways to wear a Halftee shirt is to layer it under a tank top. This creates a cute and casual look that is perfect for a day out with friends or running errands. Pair a Halftee with a flowy, sleeveless tank and shorts for a comfortable and stylish summer outfit. Summer is also filled with the cutest sundresses, but sometimes they can feel like they are a little too revealing for everyday activities. Adding a Halftee shirt underneath these sundresses is a perfect solution. This will provide you with extra coverage and allow you to wear your favorite dress with confidence. Shop our best selling Basic - Cap Sleeve Halftee (


Dress it Up


Halftee shirts can also be dressed up for a more formal look. Try layering a Halftee under a dress or blouse for a chic and modest outfit that is perfect for a summer wedding or other formal occasion. Our sleeveless Halftees are perfect for keeping low cut blouses and wrap dresses modest. The Halftee adds a layer of coverage while still allowing you to show off your favorite summer styles. Add a pair of cute ballerina flats to complete your dressy summer look! Shop our Sleeveless Halftees (


Go Bold


Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and colors with your Halftee shirt. Try pairing a brightly colored Halftee with a patterned pants or skirts for a bold and playful summer look. We have loved seeing these paired specifically with checkered pants and floral skirts! The Halftee adds a pop of color and creates a fun and unique outfit that is sure to turn heads. Shop our bold Waterfall Sleeve Halftee (


Make it Sporty


If you are looking for a more active summer outfit, try pairing a Halftee with your favorite sports bra and leggings. This creates a comfortable and supportive outfit that is perfect for a summer hike or workout. The Halftee adds an extra layer of coverage without adding extra bulk, allowing you to move freely and comfortably. These outfits are also great for staying comfortable on your summer travels. Shop our Crew Neck Tank Halftee (


High Waisted Everything



Pair your favorite Halftees with your favorite high waisted shorts, skirts and jeans. There is no question that these will be your favorite summer outfits. You can stay modest while also wearing trendy and flattering clothing. Try adding a blazer, cardigan, or denim jacket on top for those cooler summer nights. Try out our Halftee Essentials Bundle (


Halftee shirts are a versatile fashion item that can be styled in a variety of ways for the summer season. From layering under tank tops to dressing up for formal occasions, Halftee shirts are a great addition to any summer wardrobe. So, get creative and experiment with different Halftee styles to create your own unique and fashionable summer outfits! Let us know how you style your Halftees this summer by tagging us @halftee in your social media posts.


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