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How to dress an Apple Body Shape

Hi! Here, you can find information on how to better dress and understand the Apple Body Shape! If you are not sure what your body type is, you can take this quiz to help you find out! Once you take the quiz, you can venture over to the blog made for you. The other body types we look into are Hourglass, Rectangle, Pear, and Strawberry.
Characteristics of an Apple Body Shape
The characteristics of the Apple Body Shape are that your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips are relatively similar in width. Your waistline is somewhat undefined. Remember, bone structure dictates body type rather than height and weight. These are just guidelines to help you feel more confident in how you dress rather than rules!
3 Style Tips:
  1. Define your waist.

  • Dress to the illusion that you have a defined waist. This will help accentuate your waist. A way to do this is to wear a wrap dress that cinches your waist.

  1. Balance out your outfits

  • You won’t look top heavy or bottom heavy by balancing out your outfits. This will help you have a good shape. For example, do not wear a super ruffled shirt with skinny jeans. 

  1. Draw the eye.

  • Incorporate lines or accessories or specific patterns to draw the eye where you want it to go. If you want people to look at your waist, wear a belt. Wear a statement necklace if you want people to look at your collarbone and chest. Each addition to your outfit helps draw attention to where you want people to look. 

Clothing Items to Consider
Skirts: We want to avoid drawing attention to the midsection, so to do this, we want skirts that hit right above the knee, at the knee or the calf. Fuller skirts can look really cute! They will fill out your hips and can accentuate your waist in the meantime. Avoid skirts that will bunch at the midsection, making it look bigger. 

Find a jumpsuit that skims over your midsection and focuses the eye to the top of the pant leg. This could be done with a fabric like linen which is generally flowier. Avoid tight jumpsuits, but you can opt for a jumpsuit that defines your waist or add a belt to have that same effect. This allows you to show off your curves without enhancing any feature of your body. 

The best jackets for the Apple Body Shape have structured lines and fabric. Make sure your jacket is fitted on your shoulders. Jackets should go to the hipbone to balance out your body. A jacket is a great tool to hide your wider waistline if you want to. The coat can be slimming to your frame, either buttoned, tied, or left open. Try to avoid a jacket with too much going on. Simple does the trick!
Dresses: With dresses, we want to avoid making the midsection look bigger than it is. One way to do this is to wear wrap dresses or A-line dresses. It shows off your waistline! Another way to accentuate your waist would be to add a belt to any dress you wear. Shift dresses are also a great choice because they are flowy and do not cling to your body. 

First, let’s focus on necklines! Wide and low is the way to go. Go as low as you feel comfortable, and this would be a perfect time to put a Halftee underneath. This will help your shoulders appear wide and will elongate the body. Any embellishments or details around the neckline can draw the eye towards it. 
One example of this could be a shirt with a collar. The sleeves should draw attention to the upper body and arms. You can do this with detailed sleeves, loose and flared sleeves, or sleeves with shoulder pads. 
Other flattering shirts for an Apple Body Shape are wrap tops because they define the waistline and flare at the hip to give your body more curve. Draw attention to the upper body rather than the stomach, unless the top is defining your stomach.
Jeans: The best jeans to wear for an Apple Body Shape are any denim with a mid-rise waistband. High-waisted jeans will draw your stomach's attention, whereas we want to accentuate the waist. Low-rise jeans give the “muffin top” effect, so it is good to steer clear of those! 
The top recommended jeans for the Apple Body Shape are Bootcut Jeans, Cargo Pants, Flare Jeans, Flowy Jeans, and Wide Jeans. These types of jeans can help you balance out your outfits! Having the bottom wider will draw the eye to your jeans rather than your stomach.
Shoes: Go for platform shoes or wedges because they will slim out your legs and distract from your midsection. Calf-length boots help balance out your outfits and highlight your curves. Shoes with color and details draw the eye to your shoes and can be a statement! Wear heels medium-high to show off your legs. Ballet flats are also a cute shoe to pair with your outfits. 

Chunky earrings or a chunky hair accessory can draw the eye to that area. Belts are the best accessory for the Apple Body Shape because it helps you define your waist. For purses, choose ones with structure. Medium-sized tote bags are a perfect extension to your wardrobe. This allows you to shift the attention to your hip area. Stay away from cross-body bags because they draw attention to the wrong places. 
Coats: Coats should be below the hip to elongate your body, and the buttons should be just underneath the bust to thin the waist. Avoid coats that have a lot of additions to avoid cluttering your figure. Remember, we want to keep it balanced!
Shorts: It is essential to get the right fitting shorts, not tight fitted or too baggy. Longer shorts will help lengthen your legs. Also, for the Apple Body Shape, it is best to do a mid-rise or high rise for your shorts.
Halftee: The Ultimate Layering Piece for Every Body Type
Thank you for reading! Our ultimate goal is to help you feel beautiful and confident. Having the right pieces on hand to flatter your body shape will help you get the look you want. We’ve found that our selection of halftees is a universally flattering piece that women of all body shapes will find themselves turning to time and time again as a reliable yet comfortable base layer. Browse our selection today!
When you try out the tips given in this blog, send us a picture of your outfit on our Instagram! We would love to see what you can do with the advice we gave you!
Outfit idea!
One outfit idea would be to wear a puffy sleeve top with straight jeans. If needed you can wear a Hafltee underneath! Wear this with a short heeled pointy toed boot to pull the look together. 
Another outfit idea would be to wear a short wrap dress to accentuate the waist with a turtleneck Halftee underneath! Some chunky earrings and chunky sneakers would pair great with this dress. 


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