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How to Easily Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity

When we say Halftees are for every woman, we mean it. Your mom, little sister, best friend, neighbor. Everyone can spice up their closet and expand their wardrobe with a comfy, colorful, practical Halftee. Don’t believe me? Stay tuned...we are about to show you how Halftee really can add to any outfit for anybody.

It’s a cute outfit right now...but imagine this, it gets a bit hot and she wants to lose the jean jacket, doesn’t feel like going sleeveless...she could add a white Basic or Bell Sleeve to give it a little flare and color. Or, to keep it more neutral, she could add a navy blue Basic, making it look like a cute sundress perfect for the sunshine weather.

And here’s one more, because we all love Jen as much as I do, right? The possibilities are literally endless with this one. Let’s take this outfit through the Halftee process. First the color: black, red, or even cream! Each one would add a special touch. Next, choose your style: a Basic, 3/4 Sleeve, or a Bell Sleeve, and I may be crazy but am I the only one who would also totally wear the Long Sleeve Black Mesh with this?? Either way, that’s one of the best parts of Halftee: creating your own personal style!

Where are my diehard Swifties out there?! Let’s not forget that crop tops and overalls are so in right now, and with good reason! It’s cool in the summer and you never have to worry about pulling your pants up! It also provides an edgier modern look that is sure to make any fashionista smile. Halftee is the perfect option when going for this style. Not only do you have your choice of color and sleeve style, but we also have different lengths! Try our Full-length Halftee options for chilly weather or added flare.

Or you could find the perfect match for our White Lace on your elegant big day! Honestly, this is one of my favs. Want lace sleeves on your sleeveless or short sleeve outfit? Add a Long Sleeve White Lace and you can recreate this look. Halftee can help you with casual wear, you're in the office look, and even something as formal as your wedding! The White Lace corresponds perfectly with many dress styles of today and that long sleeve gives an elegant sophisticated look that is all the rage.

I may be a little bit obsessed with the Black Mesh option because I am in love with this outfit! And how can you recreate this at home? Find your favorite little black dress and spice it up with a Long Sleeve Black Mesh Halftee! One of my other favorite things to do with this Halftee is to layer it under some fun graphic tees with, perhaps with a cute pair of high waisted jeans. This is just another perfect example of how our Halftees are also perfect for dressing up your favorite formal outfits!


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