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How to Easily Help the Military When Life Is Crazy Busy

There is a swelling within my heart when I think of all the men and women who have or are currently serving our country. I often wish there was more I could do to show my support, especially with Veterans Day and Thanksgiving quickly approaching.

As many times as I think about doing something to show my support, how often do I actually do it? Hardly ever! I tend to get so overwhelmed with not knowing how to help. It’s hard to find time to volunteer somewhere and donating money is financially not something I can afford right now.

Look, I know, I know. These are such lame excuses when it comes to serving those that gave everything so I could be a broke and busy woman! But it’s the sad reality.

I could easily put together a list of ways to serve the military but I know that I will never actually get to them, because life is already crazy busy. So instead, here are 10+ easy and realistic ways we can show our thanks to those that serve our country.  

Donate Items That Are Normally Thrown Away

Instead of throwing away or giving used items to Goodwill, see if it is something that can be donated to organizations dedicated to helping those serving. Here is a list of items that can be donated today:

  • Halloween Candy - Have leftover candy that you are already sick of? Send it to those serving overseas. 

          Spend time with Animals

          Send them a Message of Gratitude 

          Want to tell them personally how much you appreciate them?  Here is a couple of ideas:

          Use Your Crafting Hobby to Show Your Appreciation

          Are you a crafty person and normally craft as a hobby in your downtime? Check out these ways you can use your talents to help our servicemen and women.

          • Create a Quilt - Make a quilt that can be given to veterans who need them. 

          The Internet Is Something You Already Use Every Day

          We all use the Internet, but did you know you could use it to help those that serve our countries as well as their families?

          • AmazonSmiles - By signing up for AmazonSmiles 0.5% of your purchases will go to a charity of your choice. There are several charities that support our troops and veterans. 
          I know we all want to do more to thank those that have sacrificed for our country. Though, life has a way of preventing us from taking the time to do what really matters. That’s okay. I can totally relate. But what I’ve learned from putting together this list is that it doesn’t take much to show our gratitude today.


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