Learn how to style your Halftee layering tees for Girlees spring and Easter fashions! - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

Learn how to style your Halftee layering tees for Girlees spring and Easter fashions!

Hey ladies! Long time, no blog post lol. That’s our bad. We’ve had a few crazy months here at Halftee. But we’re ready to get back on the horse as it were and start our blog up again and keep talking with you about our AMAZING layering tees.

And what’s a more fitting topic of discussion for our returning post than the weather? Nothing, nothing is more fitting because Halftees are literally the PERFECT undershirts for women during all types of weather. Like this time of year, for example, when you’re transitioning your summer wear and even your lighter spring clothes into slightly warmer spring styles during this time of partial sunshine and rain.

To go along with our spring styling tips, this past month we’ve been focusing on ¾ sleeve styling and styling with our Girlee’s Halftee’s.  

Half shirts and midrift shirts are perfect for styling with lighter spring-wear. And with Easter right around the corner, stores are BOOMING with adorable spring dresses for little girls. We went to H&M and found so many cute dresses, one pair of pink shorts, and one darling jumper. Amanda’s girls had a blast trying on all the clothes with their Halftees, and we had a great time trying to juggle the shoes and clothes that were flying all over the place. This picture of the girls in their Halftee half shirts might look all rosy and cute, but it was hectic as all get out right up until the picture was snapped! Girls will be girls, you know?

Proof is in the pudding people! This picture proves that Halftee’s don’t function purely as women’s undershirts; they’re great for all ages!

Amanda’s younger daughter wore the long-sleeved camisole under her outfits and really liked the added warmth the half shirt brought (it was about 45 degrees outside that day, CLOUDY and RAINY gross). And her older daughter sported the boyfriend sleeve.

So if you’re shopping for cute Easter clothes in the next few weeks, think about how you or your daughters can use a Halftee as a fashionable undershirt to enhance your fashion finds!

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