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Must Have Fashion Accessories!

Hello ladies back with another blog for you all! This week I wanted to talk to you all about 4 must-have Accessories that I believe every woman needs! We all love a good pair of shoes or have a favorite handbag. But how many of us are really putting our fashion accessories to work every day?Accessories can make or break an outfit and can help you dress things up or dress some outfits down. Accessories can change the look of these wardrobe staples by adding color, a theme or a new way to wear the staples. Having a few go to accessories can help you build a capsule wardrobe that will make it so much easier for you to pick out an outfit each day.


The first Essential Accessory that I thought of was hand bags!! Handbags immediately express your sense of style and can totally change up your outfit! There are so many different kinds of bags to choose from that can help you express your sense of style. There are many crossbody bags that are super in right now and make it super easy and practical to carry around a bag because they leave your hands free. There are also much bigger purses that you can have if you carry more day to day things. There are many affordable brands that aren't designer. Most women think that to buy handbags or purses you have to spend lots of money on designer handbag or purses but that is totally not the case. A few places to buy affordable handbags are T.J. Max, Ross, Nordstrom rack.


The second Accessory that I believe is a must have is Jewelry! The first thing you need to decide before you buy any new staple pieces is if you like to wear gold or silver Jewelry. There are so many routes you can take when shopping for Jewelry. Some staples are a few layering necklaces and some simple earrings. A simple hoop can be worn for a more dressy look. Some simple studs can be worn for a more casual look. There are many places to purchase Affordable jewelry. Most boutiques have pieces you can choose from. Jewelry can totally elevate your style add that little extra sparkle.





The next accessory I thought of was belts! Blests are essential in every woman's closet. A belt can add so much to an outfit. Here at halftee we love to belt a lot of our dresses. We believe that it accentuates your waist, especially when certain dresses can drown your curves. Belta are flattering on all body types. There are so many different kinds of belts to choose from as well but sticking to a few simple belts will make it so much easier to style with. Having a skinnier belt and a thinker belt are two great choices. Here are some examples:




The next accessory that I thought of were hats and head scarfs! Hats can elevate any outfit! There are lots of different styles of hats that you can choose from. A hat that I believe is very popular is women's wide brim hats! There are many local utah boutiques that sell hats like this that are very trendy!



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