packing light for summer

Packing light while keeping fashion in mind

We are going to talk about how to packing light while keeping fashion in mind, and how Halftees can help you transition several different dresses and tops to make the outfits to look different. This way you’re not packing so much but you’re getting lots of different looks with Halftee.

Packing light for summer fashion

A: Noelle is the travel expert. She has traveled a ton! But I don’t know if she’s so much of a packing-light expert. I remember traveling to Germany a couple of years ago with her and she lost her huge bags, and I was secretly excited because of how big it was. If we would've had to travel around Germany with that darn bag--oh it was so bad, she was devastated. It all came back and eventually worked out.

N: It didn’t come back for about 5 days, but this is what I learned about packing: you do not bring a check-in suitcase. You really have to have a carry-on suitcase with you because almost always there are mishaps when you check a bag. At least three times my checked bag has gotten lost going to Europe.

I’m one of those people that have to have a lot of things because I’m always thinking what if you need a dress or a pair of dressy shoes or tennis shoes or whatever-you just never know. I have learned to pack so much stuff in a teeny little suitcase, get everything in there, carry it on, throw it in your overhead compartment on the airplane and it’s with you!

Here is how I do it: I’m telling you, I can pack about three pairs of jeans, a couple different shirts, and a couple different dresses. The thing is, I probably air on the high side of the makeup and the shoes, but when it comes to the clothes this is what’s super fun about Halftees. We can have a few dresses, a few tops, and intermix them with different styles of Halftees. So on my trips, I always bring the tank, always bring the ¾-because what if it gets a little chilly, always the basic, and a lace because sometimes I want to dress things up.

What I can do is pick out a few basic dresses, and maybe I’m putting a tank under it, maybe I’m putting a lace under it, or maybe a basic--do you see where I’m going with this? Intermixing Halftees with basic pieces like these changes the whole look and saves all the excess space Halftees avoid in your suitcase.

How to keep it tight: I roll my clothes so that I can stack more makeup into it. I can layer up my dresses, shirts, one jacket, some beachy pants, t-shirts, and a few different styles of Halftees all in a carry-on and still have plenty of room left.

I also found that cute makeup bags are the most efficient way to store makeup and keep things as flat as possible. They just spread out.

It is so refreshing to pack light because you have less stuff to drag around. 

A: I travel really heavy with skirts, because I feel like skirts are lighter--they can be dressed up or they can be dressed down. I throw in a basic, a fun color for a tank so I can get a pop of color, and I’ll pack literally two or three skirts. I’d rather go to Disneyland in a skirt anyday than jean shorts. That’s my two cents: Skirts are the way to go.

N: I could literally roll and layer my clothes forever. The most important point is that I’m trying to scale back on the clothes, and amp up the shoes and the makeup. You can do that by adding a few Halftees so you can swap your shirts and get different looks with different styles of Halftees.  

Where do you go on vacation? How do you pack light? What are some of your tricks that you like to do when you pack your bags and try to pack as much as possible? Throw some fun colors in there like stripes, and pinks, and blues. It really looks like a different outfit with new Halftees under them. Happy vacationing!


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