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Thanksgiving style tips

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! It's that time of year again, the one day where you get to stuff your face with yummy food and not worry about the calories. Then you get to sleep and shop for the rest of the weekend! Thats what I am looking forward to the most, and you should be too because Halftee is having the BEST BLACK FRIDAY DEAL with 30% EVERYTHING on our site! Not to mention, all of our new products are going to be launched the exact same day! Now THATS something to look forward to. You can click here to start eyeing the things you might want:) 

Ok, so I know that we are all looking forward to the relaxation time this weekend, but lets not forget about all the time and preparation it really takes to get there. Slaving away all week over the decorations, then slaving away all day in the kitchen! AND you still have to look decent because people will be knocking on your door any minute! What are you supposed to wear? This week, we decided to help you guys pick an outfit thats perfectly comfortable, and still looks presentable for when your guests arrive! 

During our live video  this week at Noelle's house, we talked about a style that is PERFECT for the holidays! Start with your favorite pair of jeans. You can dress denim up or down depending of what your doing, so if you have got your jeans on and a basic tee, but its almost time for your guests to show up, throw on a cute cardigan or jacket and some shoes and your done! Cardigans are seriously the perfect solution for a holiday party or when your moving around a lot in the kitchen. Halftee has got some amazing cardigans that will be on sale for black friday! You can check them out on our website 

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Also, since its thanksgiving and every family has their own traditions for the holidays, we wanted to share one of ours with you guys as well! Noelle has a tradition of making Danish Aeberskivers, which is impossible to pronounce, but basically its a pancake ball, and its the most amazing thing I have ever tried. She makes this tasty treat every Thanksgiving morning, and Christmas morning, and her kids LOVE THEM. We wanted to share the recipe with you guys, and hopefully you can try them yourselves! You do need a certain skillet to make these, and you can get it by clicking here. Its just at Walmart, or you can find it on amazon. We made it with syrup, but you can do it with cinnamon sugar, fruit, or put a chocolate chip in the batter, pretty much whatever you want!

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Here is the recipe! 

Danish Aeberskiver

3 eggs                                                   Beat eggs, sugar, cardamon. 

1 tablespoon sugar                               add flour and 3 cups of buttermilk and blend

1/4 tsp ground cardamon                     Dissolve baking soda in remaining 1/2 cup buttermilk 

4 cups flour                                           stir into batter

3 1/2 cups buttermilk

1 tsp baking soda

powdered sugar (optional) 



1 cup water boil

2 Tablespoons postum dissolve

2 cups sugar

1 cube 1/2 cup butter


We hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and spend it with the people you love most:) try not to pass out after eating all of that food, and try not to pass out from halftees black Friday deals;) 


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