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The 7 Best Ways to Style a Shirt

Whether you are packing light for a trip or just have a favorite shirt you always wear, sometimes you may need to style the same blouse many times in a week. Your coworkers and friends have started keeping a tally of how often you wear your favorite blouse. Fool them with different stylings! I’m gonna share some fun ways to style the same top 7 different ways! It doesn’t matter if you wear it many times in the same week or multiple times in a month, you can easily change it up and make it feel different. Let’s get creative!

Style 1:

Today I am styling with a flow green blouse. Let’s get started! The first outfit is simple, add a Striped Turtleneck Halftee and a cute pair of black pants. Great for a warmer day because it covers your bra on the side reducing side boob problems.

Style 2:

Outfit number two is great for a warmer FALL Day. Grab a cute pair of jeans, a denim shirt to wrap around your waist, a nude or neutral Basic Halftee and a hat. Then you have a fun fall outfit for those early transition days.

Style 3:

Let’s layer it up! Outfit number three adds a fun printed pants, a 3/4 black Halftee and a pop of color either in a jacket or a purse! Here in Utah, we have fall days where it’s freezing in the morning and hot by mid-day. With this look you can have that jacket for warmth and still have a cute look when the jacket’s no longer needed!

Style 4:

A cute and fun office look for outfit number four. High waisted pants and a pink Polka Dot Long Sleeve Mesh Halftee adds an elegant and fun element to your favorite top. Worried about the mesh showing too much? Add a nude tank, basic or long sleeve Halftee underneath for more coverage. Smoke and mirrors baby!

Style 5:

Movie night in with the girls? Stay comfy with a lounge wear option. Your favorite sweatpants, a comfy long sleeve camo Halftee and some popcorn is all you need to complete this comfy but cute outfit for your favorite dressy top.

Style 6:

Interview, meeting, or religious gathering? Check out these two different business professional and Sunday best options for your favorite top. Number one! Add a textured skirt and a Lace Halftee. That smoke and mirrors trick with a nude? Use it with the lace too!

Style 7:

Here is another super cute textured and patterned skirt with a Boyfriend Sliptee.

Enjoy your favorite top 7+ different ways. Instead of tallying all the times you wear that favorite top they will be tallying all the different ways you can style it! Packing light can also be made easier by picking 1-2 tops and just brings a different bottom and Halftee along! The possibilities are endless! Happy styling!


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