This Fun Harry Potter Quiz Will Reveal What You Should Wear


Being cooped up during this quarantine has given me plenty of time to reflect on some of my fondest childhood memories; my brother, twin sister, and I used to sit inside during rainy days and read Harry Potter to each other. We’d anxiously await the release of the next books and devour them nearly as soon as they were on the shelves. I adore Harry Potter. I love the nostalgia, the captivating stories, the morals learned along the way, the heart-wrenching moments (rest in peace dear Serius, Dumbledore, Dobby, and Fred), and how it spun my siblings and me together in wonder.

Maybe you dressed up as Hermione or Luna Lovegood for most of your childhood Halloweens. Maybe you are still waiting on that Hogwarts acceptance letter that will come. If you are, you’ve officially got a friend in me, because girl, I’m still waiting on that letter too. Since we’re sharing things that we love, I think I’ll throw out that I’m a huge fan of Halftees. Try out this enchanting quiz to see which Harry Potter character you’d be, and which Halftee matches your character!

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