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Use These 4 Halftees to Expand Your Wardrobe as a Teacher

What image crosses your mind when you think of a school teacher? Perhaps a classic style with a neutral colored blazer paired with a white button up shirt and matching slacks. The lights of the classroom bounce off the rims of her glasses as she glides to the front of the classroom to teach her pupils. A classic look with a blazer is very nice, but there are so many other options for returning back to school. Especially with the help of a Halftee! With that said, I’m going to go over 4 ways to expand your wardrobe as a teacher using a Halftee.


The Boyfriend

Let's say that you have a super cute dress that you love wearing outside the classroom, BUT it doesn’t meet the right standards for school attire? Not to worry! The Boyfriend is a mid sleeve Halftee that allows enough coverage to transition your favorite spaghetti strap dress into a class appropriate fashion statement.

The Mock Turtleneck 

Clothing standards for teachers go beyond that of bare shoulders or an exposed back. It extends to lower neck lines that reveal too much for the classroom. Fortunately, the Mock Turtleneck Halftee has you covered….no pun intended. This Halftee provides that extra coverage with a super cute neckline providing professionalism to that lower neckline.

The 3/4 Halftee

 Self expression is a term that comes to mind for me when the word fashion is mentioned. In the world of education a form of sophistication is required in the pursuit of self expression. A good way to go as an educator is layers! You can add the 3/4 Halftee to mix and match your favorite colors or prints while also maintaining the desired sophistication for your profession. It’s a double win for coverage and self expression!


The Short Sleeve Peekaboo

Another great way to achieve self expression is using lace! The Short Sleeve Peekaboo is the perfect way to add a more feminine touch to your classroom attire. This Halftee is an easy solution to frontal coverage issues. It also pays a feminine compliment to your button up expanding your options for your wardrobe.



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