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We empower women to dress comfortably and modestly with EASE! It all started with a woman, a pair of scissors and a revolutionary idea!! If you are tired of fussing, bunching, and the hassle of your layering shirts then you have come to the right place! With the varying styles such as the basic,boyfriend sleeve, tank, ¾ sleeve, and even long sleeve, Halftee adds sleeves and modest coverage to your wardrobe in any season! You can be confident when layering with Halftee. Halftee is the perfect addition to your closet. Receive 20% off your purchase using code CJ20 at Halftee.com. "Instant, Modest Coverage for the Busy Woman!" (and who isn't?)

Problem solving at it's simplest!


HALFTEE CJ Affiliate 


Please contact us @ tami@halftee.com for more information.