It's wonderful that you've been able to tap in to the plus size market - just look at the company Simply Be out of the UK - they are just exploding. (T0hey cater to the plus size woman.)  It's wonderful that you have a product that you were willing to offer in plus size as it helps us be able to wear some of the more current clothing without showing more than we want to. So many plus size styles are extremely low cut or have little to no sleeves (sometimes both at the same time) - I think they hope that by emphasizing décolletage, it will make the rest seem trivial. LOL. Your Hafltees are a PERFECT solution to that while still being able to be stylish. For that - I thank Halftee's, and will continue to share my knowledge of your existence with all my girlfriends...and in some cases perfect strangers.

By Jill from Gilbert, AZ

After my first purchase of a halftee, I knew one wouldn't be enough! I wear them under so many outfits, I had to order more! I recommend them to everyone. They are wonderful for wearing under low cut shirts, making summer shirts into winter ones (with the long sleeve halftees), and great for layering! WONDERFUL product!

By Joan from Perkasie, PA

A friend told me how much she loved her half tees so I decided to try them. I bought a local groupon to try them and now I can't get enough of them! The last thing I need is more layering bulk in the belly region. These are perfect and I highly recommend them to everyone!

By Stefanie from Salt Lake City, Utah

I absolutely am hooked on the halftee. I have one 3/4 in black and it's great to go under a dolman sleeve shirt that is too low cut for me. I've gotten so many compliments on it. More colors please!

By Karen from Arizona



Perfect!  Absolutely perfect! I love my Halftees; they are just what I needed.  You have re-opened a world of fashion possibilities for me. Thank you for providing this much-needed service.  I will be recommending Halftees to all the young women I know - and their mothers!

By Karen Abston from CT


It's great fabric....Halftees give GREAT coverage; I don't have to keep pulling them down! They are comfortable and available in so many styles and colors!

By Anna from CO

I love the way the fabric feels.....soft! And they stay in place great.  I love them so much better than trying to wear a cami underneath....camis always bunch up and itch.....Halftees are great!

By Jessa from AZ

I don't even notice that I have it on.  It stays in place.

By Emily from RI

How does the fabric feel, and does it stay in place? It feels amazing and I never have to worry about it slipping down or leaving a line.

By Jennifer from PA

I love the length of the sleeve on the short sleeve Halftee--it keeps my arm flab in place!

By Michelle from NY

I LOVE my half tee!  It was especially comfy when I was pregnant during the intensely hot summer here in Las Vegas and didn't want an excess of layers on my ever-growing stomach.  Not to mention, it made for great maternity pictures!  Thanks Halftee!!!

By Rachel Smith French 

I can't live without the tank half tee! It provides great coverage and it's very comfortable! It's a great layering item without the extra bulk of a long t-shirt.

By Suzanne Clegg from Leesburg, VA


I bought my daughter all the colors offered. They work great for church she can wear any dress if she has on a halftee. She loves them and is always asking for more colors.


By Chelsey from Elba, ID


I have been looking for a shirt like this for my wardrobe! Halftees are versatile and just the thing to have when I want a neat look without the extra bulk of a full length shirt. Thank you for a wonderful product!

By Jodie Allenson from Noblesville, IN


Halftees are a fabulous invention. Who would have guessed they could get even better. The modal fabric raises the bar from high to even higher.



By Molly Harley from Spokane, WA


I just bought my daughter the burn out half tee in white and she loves it. I am going to buy her the black one too.

By Britnie from Lehi Ut 


I can't say how much I love these! I can make almost any dress or top modest now, without feeling bulky and being able to nurse my little one easily!

By T Anderson from Oregon


I have two long sleeved halftees and they get no rest. The black goes under anything, even a t-shirt that is too light for fall. The pink one I pair with a black lace-necked shirt and almost anything else. I am large-busted which has always embarrassed me. These shirts hold the girls in place and out of sight and give the appearance of a slimmer, tighter bust line which makes me happy. I need one of these in bright cobalt blue!

By Karen from Arizona 

I bought one of these recently on a trip to Utah and I LOVE it! Which is why I am now on here buying more! Best invention ever!

By Kelli Giguiere from Surprise, AZ


I love that I don't have to wear a full cami anymore.  This offers great coverage!

By Aubree from Utah


I bought two of these as a gift for an older woman (60+)... she doesn't like to wear short sleeved shirts because of the "old lady arms". This should be the perfect solution.

By Tia from California

I love my halftees! They make layering so much easier, more comfortable & cooler :-)

By Angela from QLD, Australia

I tried mine for nursing as soon as I was back to my size in them pre baby and they are great!

By Emily Celeste 

I have this in white and black and love them. There's no bulk and they stay in place. A must have.

By Annette from Edmonton, AB

I bought this shirt so that I could make my favorite Maxi Dress look a little more elegant, and be much less hot. It has been wonderful, and I've started wearing it with tons of other outfits. I'm actually back today to get more colors and styles! Great idea!

By Ruth from Texas

I purchased one of these from their mall kiosk and I LOVE it! It works beautifully under all kinds of things and doesn't add the bulk that a full tee would. I only purchased the white b/c they didn't have any other colors in my size, so I'm on the website to try to find more colors!
By Jen from Orem, Utah

I love this half tee. These are so convenient and much more flattering than a full t-shirt. Love them!!
By Kristin from Lebanon, NH
I am 60 years old and although I don't have a need to show my midriff and hips, I do have a need to not add to the look of them. I have been chopping off my "men's" t-shirts for years so that I don't have to deal with all that extra fabric. It's never been a good or elegant solution but it was something. Now, I have the perfect solution to my problem. Additionally, i live in a very hot climate but there are times during the "winter" I need something to keep me just a little warmer. Thank you so much.
By Cherrie Lucerne-Martin from United States
I love halftees. They are great for layering in Vegas where it gets super hot in the summer. They provide the perfect amount of coverage to make my shirts modest, and cover what needs to be covered. The tanks are great for shirts or sweaters that already have sleeves. You don't have to bulk up in the sleeve area. I wear these almost daily.
By Heather Willden from Las Vegas, NV
I love these. The modal adds a shine I love.
By judy heaton from honokaa, hawaii

I LOVE these half tees. I wear one almost everday. The tank halftees are my favorite. I love the material of these the best. BUT I also love my tees and I just tried the boyfriend halftee and am hooked. I have bought half tees that are similar, from other companies, and I love the ones made by Half Tee the best because of the fabric used.
By Kelli from Bountiful, Utah
what a great idea to do a half tee. It's so nice to have the coverage without the extra bulkiness. especially when tucking shirts into skirts or pants, i love that i don't have an extra layer.
By Hilary from United States
This half tee is great under dresses because you don't have extra bulk or lines. I love this tee.
By Lisa from Colorado Springs, CO

I've been looking for something like this for a long time for myself and my ten-year old daughter. She wore hers the day after I bought it with a pretty, colorful tank. I wear mine under tank dresses and feel like so many style options have been opened up. It's close-fitting, comfortable and stays in place. Love the half tees!
By Imani from Salt Lake City
I love half tee. They fit true to size and work perfect with every outfit.
By Kirstie from San Diego, CA
I love these tank half-tees for going under dresses that are too low-cut for me! During hot Houston summers, the less layers the better!!!
By Marci from Houston, TX
A much needed item in any wardrobe.I wear the layered look everyday and love the versatility of the half tee. Very similar in comparison to the Mod Bod line but without the extra bulk...
By Chalet Ward from Almo, Idaho
I think that the long sleeved lace halftee in black has to be my favourite of all! I have several dresses that I felt were a bit low cut, or that worked in summer but not in winter. The long sleeved lace allows you wear these in multiple seasons and in all types of company. Please note that the sleeves are very long, I usually have to push them back.
By Elly Parker from Ireland