The Halftee Team

 Image of Amanda Barker, Founder & CEO, exuding leadership and determination.

Amanda Barker

Founder & CEO

Tami Tompson: A woman wearing a pink jacket and smiling at the camera.

Tami Thompson

10+ years of experience

Mali Alder: A professional in the field of accounting.

Malia Alder


Skyler Ryser, Chief Marketing Officer.

Skyler Ryser


Princess Ka'iulani Moreland, a Digital & Creative Co-Director, excels in leading innovative projects and driving artistic excellence.

Princess Ka'iulani Moreland

Digital & Creative Co-Director

 Headshot of Brandon Moreland, a Digital & Creative Co-Director, with a confident expression.

Brandon Moreland

Digital & Creative Co-Director

Klaire Johnson - a woman with short hair, wearing a pink jacket, smiling and looking at the camera.

Klaire Johnson

Social Media & Content Specialist

 A headshot of Jill Nelson, a Customer Service & Influencer Specialist, with a friendly smile.

Jill Nelson

Customer Service & Influencer Specialist

Meet Waverly, a skilled specialist in Pinterest, offering expertise in optimizing its features.


Pinterest Specialist

A professional portrait of Danielle Morris, Wholesale Director, exuding competence and authority.

Danielle Morris

Wholesale Director