The Classic 3/4 Sleeve Halftee

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Halftee 3/4 Bralette

The 3/4 HALFTEE is a layering crop top and wardrobe staple with a multitude of functions. Wear the 3/4 Half Tee as a layering shirt, a modesty top or a fashion statement! It also the perfect piece for expectant or nursing mothers.

Layering Shirt

As a layering shirt, the 3/4 Half Tee is specifically designed to provide the most flattering lines for a myriad of layered ensembles. There are endless fashionable layering possibilities which can aid in making outfits more suitable for an occasion or mood, to create additional variety in the wardrobe, and to wear more weather/temperature appropriate outfits.

Modesty Top

Modesty fashion is becoming a stronger trend in the young adult community, and now there are more modern modesty options than ever. The ¾ HALFTEE helps to provide coverage when wearing those wonderful outfits that may already be in your closet, and which are slightly too revealing. Modesty tops can also make glamorous or professional outfits more casual for everyday wear.


The Non-Slip Band

The 3/4 HALFTEE conforms to the body without constricting the mid-section and helps to support the cleavage area. Our signature non-slip ¾ HALFTEE band will provide continuous coverage during movement. 

For Plus Size Women

3/4 sleeves have the ability to distract from the mid-section, while the cut of the neckline draws attention to the face and upper chest area. The ¾ HALFTEE sleeves have been tailored in such a way so as to create the look of extension from the neckline. Arms appear more elongated because of the HALFTEE's form-fitting modern style.

Modest Fashion

The 3/4 Halftee is the perfect accessory to combine with many of the more daring styles and designs available in the department stores. It is great for combining with V-necks and very low cut blouses and dresses. Utilizing colorful layering helps to make ensembles more interesting and appealing.

Fabric Care: Machine wash with like colors. Line dry.


The HALFTEE functions as a vent for layered outfits and also for expecting mothers who want to layer without overburdening themselves. Expectant mothers can also wear the HALFTEE out while exercising or running errands on a hot summer day. Crop tops are becoming quite popular for expectant mothers as they tend to be more comfortable to wear when a mother is having trouble fitting into her regular clothing.

95% Rayon 5% Spandex

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