HALFTEE is the #1 popular layering shirt for women with plus sizes

HO! HO! HO! Give the #1 Popular Layering Shirt as a gift with sizes XS to XXXL plus sizes! Are you still in a stupor about what to give all the friends and family on your Christmas list? I am very serious about this, even though it sounds silly--- HALFTEE is the gift  that “keeps on giving” all year round!! Those lucky souls that get to unwrap a Halftee or better yet a HALFTEE gift card to our store, will be thanking sweet little o' you throughout the whole year!! Every woman needs one!

HALFTEE is the #1 popular layering shirt for women with plus sizes

We have two awesome features that can be used both in our store or online.....

1. Our Halftee gift cards come in $10.00 increments. So whatever your budget the gift card gives you options.

2. With our  no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee go ahead and buy what you "think" she might LOVE and if it doesn't fit or she would like a different color or style we will get it exchanged with ease and no stress. Our customer service if one of our greatest assets. Tami is the bomb when it comes to outfitting the newbie Halftee woman or the experienced Halftee woman. She will make sure your gift-ee is as merry as can be!


One of my favorite “teacher gifts to give is a Halftee Gift card. I love seeing them walk into the store and say, " I had no idea these things were YOU?"  So funny, that I seriously have become the "Halftee Lady".  I love going into the classroom and hearing how much they love their Halftee. These sweet women aren't sure what they have done this long without them. Teachers are constantly leaning over desks to help students and they need, so badly the little coverage of a Halftee in the neckline to save them from "those" moments that can put both teacher and student in an awkward situation. These amazing women running around the classroom, definitely need less not more, when it comes to layering.

Original size HALFTEE
So if you are still wondering what in the world to get all your loved ones, come visit Halftee.com or our factory store and boutique at 94 South State Street, Lindon, Utah 84042. You will be sharing one of your  favorite things and making your loved ones so happy they were on your list!


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