Full Length Layering Shirts For Women From HALFTEE

Can you believe that Halftee finally listened and brought to you a full length layering shirt? I will be honest, I still feel a little weird about it. Does it even make sense. Halftee Layering Fashions carries a full length Halftee? Just a little bit ironic. After many hours of deliberating we decided that the full length Halftee just "had" to make sense. Although a Halftee (less bulk, less tugging, less almost everything) is always preferable, sometimes we need the full length cami for those sheer tops, knitted tops (see pic below), crocheted tops with see-through places, under a cardigan, or just as a stand alone piece because sometimes half is just not enough! We get tons of compliments on our fabric and so we decided the time was now to bring you the fabric you love in a full length tee.

Full Length Layering Shirts For Women From HALFTEE

I have several tops in my closet that need to be worn with a full length cami but every time I wore a full length cami I felt like I was being disloyal to my Halftee and was supporting the "evil full length cami", hahaha (they aren't evil).  So now that I have the option of a full length Halftee, made with our fantastic fabric, with our awesome 2 inch signature band,  and stamped with the Halftee logo, life is now guilt free. 

Think about a full length basic cami paired with a great pair of skinny jeans, tall riding boots, belted at the waist? Great option....

Or today (see pic below)....I bought this super cute sweater this summer, it definitely needs a full length under it (you can see why).  Paired with a pair of "skinnies" or even your favorite boyfriend jeans, this is a great outfit. (Just a little side note, Noelle and I fought about this top, she hates it and I love it. She think it looks like a stretched out doily). Let me now what you think... super cool sweater or stretched out doily? I was laughing so hard when her true feeling came out towards this outfit. Good thing I have a really good self esteem. 

Now for the last outfit in my closet that I have been waiting to wear without the feelings of guilt... it is a cream color sheer button down top, very classy, timeless shirt that I bought from Modbod. I wore this on Sunday with our white full length Halftee, a darling long navy skirt and killer brown lace up wedges (pictured below).

Each of these outfits are great excuses and legitimate reasons to wear the full length Halftee. On those rare occasions  when a full length cami is important for your outfit solution, you can now shop Halftee Layering Fashions, and wear our fabulous soft and comfy modal/cotton blend in a full length Halftee. The fabric and fit you love in a full length tee. Come see our HALFEES www.halftee.com.



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