Best layering shirts, tees, crop tops for women


Best layering shirts and t-shirt for women are at HALFTEE, or maybe you call it a crop top...  Just read the reviews! someone asked me which Halftee was my VERY favorite, with no hesitation I would say, "lace long sleeve HALFTEE!"  I love that I can take an ordinary flannel or basic t-shirt and put the lace on under it and Voila, and it's XXXL, XXL to XS, plus size in every style! I am fancified! I think that many women out there are a little intimidated by the lace (just not sure how to incorporate the lace into their wardrobe), this blog is going to help all of you  feel confident  buying a lace long sleeve Halftee and then wearing it ALL the time!! Over the past couple weeks I have sported my lace with several different looks and textures. Each of the pics below shows the versatility a lace Halftee can bring to your closet, taking the most simple shirts and adding just enough pizazz for a night on the town, day at the office, Sunday worship, or for any of those times you need/want a little splash of femininity. 

Best layering shirts, tees, crop tops for women

This shirt is an American Eagle hand me down. I love this color but it is a little more casual than I like to wear  for a day at the office. The color is fabulous and although the cream lace long sleeve would have been perfect under it as well, we are heading into the winter months and black is a fall/winter favorite. So I opted for the warmer tones and put a black long sleeve lace Halftee under it. I love when the lace pops out of the top of the shirt as well, adding a fresh classy look to this very basic top. 

This is a summery flowing floral top. I love this top in the summer but also love it sooooo much, I want to wear it year round. All it needs is a little arm coverage. The flowers do not match at all, but it doesn't matter-- floral with floral works and it has added the sleeves that I am needing on these cooler fall days. Not pictured is the navy cardigan I wore over the ensemble. Knowing that you would't be able to see the lace Halftee as well I took it off. The cardigan was a 3/4 bat-wing sleeved navy stripe. The lace sleeve showed under the cardigan sleeves and then peeked out of the top of the blouse. The look was the combination of mix and match prints, mix and match textures and in my opinion, the perfect layering combination. 

This is my absolute favorite look for the lace. Who doesn't love flannel? Who would have thought to put lace under a flannel shirt? Well Noelle did... last year... and when  I saw that look, it was love at first sight! I have loved it ever since. The flannel is a Forever 21 find, and has been worn many times since I first bought it. I have worn a long sleeve Halftee and a  tank Halftee under it, but my favorite look is the lace. Again a great way to take a very fashion forward trend and give it a feminine face lift.

Several of my friends after seeing the pictures, commented that they now needed a lace long sleeve. I  of course said, "Yes you DO!!" Get a little crazy with the lace long sleeve Halftee, it will give you some very unique combinations in your closet and you will love that they are still "HALF the shirt with ALL the style!" Come see our HALFEES

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