Half Sleeve Shirts and T-Shirts For Women

So I have been wondering why Ben (HALFTEE Online Marketing Specialist) has given me "half sleeve shirts" and/or "half sleeve t-shirts" to blog on.  I've been told that half sleeve shirts and half sleeve t- shirts are actually being searched a lot and bringing a lot of traffic to our website. On top of all that you women searching half sleeve shirts and half sleeve t-shirts are converting, which in a normal person's world means, you are buying Halftees.
Half Sleeve Shirts and T-Shirts For Women @halftee
I love it, just perplexed as to why those search words are the words of choice. Where did you hear these phrases to think "I am going to go on and search for those half sleeve shirt thingers or those half sleeve t shirt things." I keep racking my brain trying to paint a picture in my mind as to which Halftee would be a half sleeve shirt? So any ideas? I am thinking, it could be our boyfriend sleeve or maybe a peek- a- boo lace? Both of these styles are half sleeve types, yes? Both of which sell really really well. On our home shopping networks the peek- a- boo lace is one of our shoppers favorite. It has a very cute feminine sleeve on it. A bit more than the basic cap sleeve, but less than the boyfriend. It has a darling piece of lace that runs across the chest creating a square like neckline.  These Halftees are perfect for those occasions that require a more "dressed up" look or a more sophisticated look. My favorite way to wear this Halftee is under those summer maxi dresses. The perfect sleeve length with the perfect splash of lace, to make all women feel wonderful in their "on trend" maxi dress. Women out there searching for a half sleeve shirt or half sleeve t-shirt, look no further. You have found what you are  looking for even if you didn't know you were looking for it!! Come see our HALFEES www.halftee.com.
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