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HALFTEE Layering Fashion's womens undershirts were a hit in Las Vegas at the WWDMagic show
womens undershirts HALFTEE
It is so fun watching people's faces light up when they find the number #1 women's undershirts on the market. Last week we--- myself, Noelle and our wonderful new National Sales Rep. Carol-- made our way to Las Vegas, to the WWDMagic fashion trade show. Aisles and aisles of brands, some familiar and some new, all trying to catch the eye of the boutique owners, retailers, bloggers,buyers-- anyone and everyone that could write up an order and put their brand into a few more hands. The concept of Halftee can sometimes be a hard sell--because it is a process, that requires helping those owners and buyers understand this new concept in women's undershirts. Education can be tricky.  A lot of hesitation from these sweet women and sometimes men but once they spent only a few minutes in our booth, their brains started whirling with ideas of all the many possibilities Halftee Layering Fashions would provide their customers.
One of my favorite finds was, Ricki, the wife of the GM at 5th SAKS Avenue. Here she was strolling the show looking for the next "cool" must have. She was sporting the greatest style----plaid skirt, silk blouse, wool jacket with tights and super chill flats. Killer outfit, killer style. As she sat and visited with us, it clicked and she continued to see the "light" of Halftee and the ability these silly women's undershirts have in broadening our closets and stretching our desire to be fashionable yet comfortable. We left each other friends and fans of Halftee, and maybe, she will put in a good word to the hubby. Who knows, SAKS???? 
All in all we had a great show! One of my favorite adventures is this show. I love taking our Halftees to women all over the world. Finding those little diamonds, that will be our new best friends in our Halftee world. Here's to WWDMagic and all of our new accounts.We love you already!! Come see our HALFEES www.halftee.com.

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  • Renee Perdue: April 04, 2019

    When will you have a pink half tee- short sleeve or tank style in stock.

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