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Spring is in the air ( it sure has seemed like a looooong winter) and summer right around the counter. What are you wearing for your women's undershirts? Are you wearing the full length old school layering shirt. Did you know that those women's undershirts are soooo unnecessary and soooo uncomfortable! Right now I know you are pulling out your capris, maxi dresses, sleeveless shirts and just patiently awaiting for the weather on your phone to show a forecast that would justify wearing these spring/summer looks. But please put those full length women's undershirts in the back corner and come visit us at
Shapewear most popular brand HALFTEE @halftee
I am so excited to introduce to all our lovely ladies our three new spring colors. For a couple years now you all have been begging for a yellow halftee. I am here to tell you it is here and it is perfect!! Along with the perfect yellow we have a yellow/stripe and a brilliant Raspberry. We have always carried our seasonal light pink, which so many halftee fans love. The Raspberry is the perfect shade to take help any outfit stand out and get those second glances. Raspberry will be a great addition and, along with the yellow, will continue to help expand your wardrobes into places those full length women's undershirts could never take you.
Noelle and I had a wonderful time last week putting together some killer outfits with our new spring/summer colors. At this time we are offering them in the basic style, the style that is the most versatile. My favorite outfit (pictured below) was the navy knee length maxi dress. I loved it because with such a basic solid color of dress, we could first pair it with the raspberry, a jean jacket (perfect spring weather feel) and then slipped the yellow stripe under it, with nothing but a cute bangle bracelet (right into summer). Who doesn't have some of these simple maxi dresses?  Putting a pop of color, only Halftee can do, with these super versatile dresses is the perfect way to take something good and turn it into  something great!! Check out our newest colors. You will love having them in your closet! Come see our HALFEES


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