2015 Modest Clothing For Women, Make Your Modesty Resolution

Ah---- to the world of New Year's Resolutions for Modesty! I love this time of year(minus that it is cold). December 31-we say goodbye to the past and now, January 1- we are totally focused on what the future can bring when we set our minds to New Year's Resolutions and simply becoming better. I am a big fan of Vision Boards. I make one every year. I believe that there is power in visualizing what it is you really want to accomplish. I have 5 categories, ( because I have totally different board for Halftee):  Health, Spiritual, Family, Educational, and Personal. My favorite category is Health. I believe that one of our greatest assets is feeling comfortable in our own skin. Now that does not mean that we are all stick thin and only eat lettuce, but it does mean taking the opportunity to exercise regularly and trying to establish healthy eating habits. With this last pregnancy, the weight is sticking around a bit longer that usual. Yes, I am older and yes, this is my eighth baby, but no excuses-- it is time to lose the extra and get back into my"pre-baby" self and a strong confident healthy me.  (not "pre-baby baby" self,having babies will forever have left it's mark on my body, but I LOVE that change because it reminds me of each amazing journey being pregnant was) 

My current fitness regime is one that I purchased over 5 years ago. I tried it after baby #5, but just couldn't find the motivation to be as diligent as it wanted me to be. I am ready now. It is called "Live the Life," and it requires a bit of planning and quite a bit of discipline. It is a full fitness plan, from the meals, exact time you eat those meals, exact portions and food combinations, exact workouts, and everything in between. I am in the third week and have dropped 7 pounds. I am still up quite a bit with the new little one, but on this plan I am not sleepy or tired at all, and my mood swings that typically come with hormonal changes are almost gone. I feel GREAT! And I can feel my body thanking me for taking this on. 

 Not so much to Halftee this post, although I am sure I could find some way to spin this post into why you should wear a Halftee, (it IS what I DO:)), but here's to YOUR New Year's Resolutions. Here's to feeling more confident because you have chosen to become better in 2015. You can do IT!! Stay focused on the what you want and what that looks like. If you are willing, then it is possible!

 Be Confident! Be Beautiful! Be YOU!

                                                           holding apple and string cheese
" One of my snacks on "Live the Life" apple and string cheese. Combining complex carbs (apple) with a protein (string cheese) is one of the ways to burn more calories and drop the weight. 


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