Halftees and the Nursing Mother!

I'm back!!! Did you know we created HALFTEES for nursing mothers? I have been on sabbatical from this blogging world, not that I am a blogger extraordinaire, but I would try to dabble once a week when possible. As some of you may know, we were blessed with a new little baby boy. Covington is his name, and he is a dolly. I know I have said this before, but I LOVE me some Halftee shirts when I am nursing. I wear them-- with a new found love-- when I am putting myself together each morning. Especially in these winter months when I want all the layers-- I start with my Halftee then add --blouse, sweater cardigan, and scarf. The whole nine yards. But let's talk about nursing in all those layers, my Halftee makes all those layers possible. The signature band makes the Halftee the perfect nursing layer. Another "love" <3 moment for my Halftees is when I am up in the middle of the night (pardon my frankness) nursing and needing something to keep my nursing pads "in place" but I don't want a dang bra on anymore, my Halftee is cozy, and comfortable and gets the job done.

There are so many "news" when you have a sweet little one in your home again. Baby Cov is number 8 in the Barker family, and there is always an amazing change that takes place when you bring a new little spirit home. Chaos is one of those changes, of course because once again you are trying to adjust to caring for another human being. I will never understand how people say, "once you have a few kids, what's one more?" I think holy buckets, "one more"?-- We aren't talking about a new shirt or a new pair of jeans; we are talking about a new little person that has a completely different schedule and completely new demands. But I admit, the chaos is a wonderful opportunity to grow, to watch siblings instantly fall in love, and selflessness to appear around chaotic corners. Here's to the chaos, here's to the new little one, and here's to Halftee that makes it all just a little more comfortable.
Be confident, Be comfortable, Be You!!!

Here I am in the office multi-tasking, basic navy Halftee! Notice the different items on the desk....Can anyone spot the Pacifier? Oh, the life of a mother.
basic navy Halftee
Here I am in the office multi tasking,  basic navy Halftee! Notice the different items on the desk....Can anyone spot the Pacifier. Oh the life of a mother.


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