Halftees Fit Plus Size, Maternity, Nursing, Religious, and Seniors?

The question is, do HALF TEES fit Plus Size, Maternity, Modest Religions?  I have been reading a book called, "The Answer." In the book, it talks about finding your ideal customer. What does she look like? Why does she like Halftees? What would she change if she could change anything about our product? What makes her happy with our product? In thinking about all of these questions, I started wondering about all the different types of women we cater to. When I first started the company I thought that our biggest customer would be the "me's" out there. Ages from 30-40, but now five years into this great adventure I am coming to realize that although this age group loves us, there are other's that may love us more. Who are you? I believe I am talking about the Plus sized woman, I believe it is the pregnant/nursing woman, I believe that it is the Golden Years (55+) woman, Religious Woman (with certain modesty standards of dress) just to give a shout out to a few. Am I right? I am on a mission to find out who loves Halftees THE MOST and then I want to make sure that every woman that falls within that "group" knows about us here at Halftee. I truly believe that self-confidence IS the best outfit and Halftees absolutely helps with that self-confidence. They can take an outfit and transform it by leaning out the arms and covering the neckline so that you are not constantly worried about "the sisters" hanging out. All of this without the added bulk and heat. Give me a shout out and tell me why you love Halftees. Give me a little feedback and let me know what "woman" you are. The more I understand about you, the better we can be for you. 

girl in a wardrobe

Me, the pregos/nursing woman. Sporting my favorite v-neck tee from Target and the Navy Halftee tank. My new VANS I got for Christmas. Had to finally break them out bc my hubby was starting to have a complex that I hadn't worn them yet:) 

wearing the peek a boo short sleeve


Noelle's mama. She is wearing the peek a boo short sleeve and would represent the 55+. Are you this woman?

Wearing the 3/4 white Halftee


One of our super fun plus sized models....Wearing the 3/4 white Halftee.  Is this woman you?

wearing the navy basic Halftee


This is Olivia with Fresh Modesty Blog, one of our number one fans and she loves Halftees for modesty purposes. She is wearing the navy basic Halftee. 

So Again where do you fit? Age can range in a couple of these groups. I would love to know. Thanks for reading!!



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