• This Is the Best 11th Birthday Ever!

    This Is the Best 11th Birthday Ever!
    They say you can trust a business that makes it successfully past 7 years. Well, we’ve made it 11!
  • The Funny Way He Learned the Hard Truth About Modesty

    The Funny Way He Learned the Hard Truth About Modesty
    The next few months were a blur as I tried to learn about women’s fashion. And, how a Halftee could elevate women's problems, especially for those that were trying to dress modestly. When I started working for Halftee I began to realize how hard it was for women to dress modestly. Growing up, I always admired girls that would dress modestly even when such...
  • Thanksgiving style tips

    Thanksgiving style tips
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! It's that time of year again, the one day where you get to stuff your face with yummy food and not worry about the calories. Then you get to sleep and shop for the rest of the weekend! Thats what I am looking forward to the most, and you should be too because Halftee is having the BEST BLACK FRIDAY DEAL...
  • 5 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe

    5 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe
    The transition between seasons can be a tricky time for your wardrobe. Is it warm enough to put away your sweaters? Monday was sunny but Friday it was cloudy and cold. What’s a girl to do?! But not to worry, tweaking your pieces to look chic for spring can be easy. Here are some tips on how to ease into spring fashion smooth sailing...
  • Are you that teacher, nurse, cheerleader, or nursing mother?

    In all of our travels with Halftee we always find the 'minority' niches in the Halftee world. The nurses, the dental hygienists, the cheerleaders /coaches, the preggos, the nursing mothers, and the teachers. I am sure there are many more niches but today I want to share a story that happened in my son's 2nd grade class.  Teachers all across the country rave about what a wonderful...
  • 2015 Modest Clothing For Women, Make Your Modesty Resolution

    Ah---- to the world of New Year's Resolutions for Modesty! I love this time of year(minus that it is cold). December 31-we say goodbye to the past and now, January 1- we are totally focused on what the future can bring when we set our minds to New Year's Resolutions and simply becoming better. I am a big fan of Vision Boards. I make...
  • Modest clothing is becoming popular!

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    Well we did it. We finally had our debut on HSN (Home Shopping Network). Halftee Layering Fashions brought a whole new element to modest clothing on HSN. We were a HUGE success! (as we all predicted, right?) Sold out of virtually everything!! My phone was ringing off the hook talking to buyers and Noelle trying to figure out how in the world we could...
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