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How to Easily Share Your Halftee Story

In today’s social media, hashtags are useful ways for people to find resources and inspirations. For example, if you have a dairy allergy, then you can search #dairyfree and find hundreds of posts relating to dairy-free foods, recipes, products, and influencers.

When we at Halftee started receiving more and more emails telling us why Halftees were so important to our clients, how they made a difference and changed their life, we were moved… We were touched…. We wanted to know more! This is why we are starting #whyihalftee and

Each of us has a reason for wanting more modesty, more coverage, more style, or more solutions to everyday problems. So, whatever your reason is for wearing Halftees, we want to hear it!

I love wearing the Boyfriend Halftee because I don’t love showing my upper arms. I feel much more comfortable covering those up and the Boyfriend covers them just enough. I also have a lot of cleavage and as a mother who is constantly bending over and being tugged on, I need that extra coverage. When I wear a Halftee I know that my boobs aren’t going anywhere, and in the chaotic life of motherhood, that means the world to me.

I was super touched by several women who shared that they love wearing Halftees after having had double mastectomies. They found Halftees the most comfortable to wear over their surgery scars. Then wearing prosthetics over the Halftee alleviated the raw scraping on their chest. I am so grateful that our product provides this comfort and peace of mind.

No matter what your reason is for wearing Halftees, we want to hear it. The fact that Halftee’s have blessed so many women tickles us! So, why do you wear your Halftee? No matter how big or small your reason, it is important to us. Use the hashtag #whyihalftee on social media or email us your story at We are in this together, women lifting and supporting women!


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