10 Outfits Made From Wardrobe Staples (And 3 Tips on How to Do It Well)

10 Outfits Made From Wardrobe Staples (And 3 Tips on How to Do It Well)

“How do I style outfits with what I already have in my closet?” is a common question I get about fashion. The most straightforward answer to that is to mix and match, and the ultimate life hack to doing that is to add Halftees to the mix.

Clothing gives us great opportunities to express ourselves with the wide variety of options and styles available. And many pieces can be found in just about any woman’s wardrobe.

You don’t need a hundred articles of clothing to have variety! Today, we will talk about ten easy outfits you can throw together with your wardrobe essentials. We’ll also be sharing some tips on how to do it well.

So, let’s jump in!

What We’re Styling With

I’m sure you’re wondering what wardrobe essentials we’re so confident about! For these ten outfits, we will be using the following:

  1. floral blouse
  2. striped top
  3. patterned top
  4. pink ¾ sleeve Halftee
  5. black crew neck Halftee
  6. white jacket
  7. blue jeans
  8. black jeans
  9. black ankle boots
  10. gray sneakers

    Casual Day at Work

Outfit #1: Casual Day at Work

We’ll be using our black jeans, patterned top, black crew neck halftee, white jacket, and gray sneakers for this outfit. It’s an outfit that is incredibly easy to throw together, and on top of that, you’re sure to stay comfortable throughout your busy day.

Cute and Casual

Outfit #2: Cute and Casual

We’ll use our blue jeans, striped top, pink ¾ sleeve Halftee, and gray sneakers for our next ensemble. Another comfortable outfit, but one that adds a pop of feminine color with the addition of our cute, pink Halftee.

A Night On The Town

Outfit #3: A Night On The Town

Time to pull out your fave floral top! We all have one, and one of the things that makes it such a staple is that it’s easy to dress up or down. 

For this outfit, we are going for a cute date night look with black jeans, our floral top, the black crewneck Halftee, and those trusty black ankle boots. Whether you’re headed out for a yummy dinner or testing out your mini-golf skills, this is the perfect outfit.

Working Gal

Outfit #4: Working Gal

Another trusty ensemble that would be perfect for the workplace! We are using black jeans, a patterned top, a black crew neck Halftee, and black ankle boots for this outfit. There’s just something about a good outfit that makes you feel powerful and ready to tackle anything that comes your way, and that’s what this outfit will give you!

The Perfect Layers

Outfit #5: The Perfect Layers

There’s nothing like finding the right combination of layers on chilly days to help you stay warm and feel cute. We will use blue jeans, your floral blouse, black crewneck Halftee, a white jacket, and black ankle boots for this ensemble. This is an excellent option for those transitional days in Spring or Fall!

Sweet and Girly

Outfit #6: Sweet and Girly

This outfit is perfect for the days when you want to add a little extra feminine touch. We’ll use blue jeans, a floral top, our pink ¾ sleeve Halftee, and your comfy sneakers for this outfit. We love a girly ensemble that still provides ever-needed comfort, making this an easy go-to.

Running Errands

Outfit #7: Running Errands

You know the days where your to-do list is a mile long, and you’ve got about a million places that you need to go. You want an outfit that can keep up with you on those days. We’ll need blue jeans, a striped top, black crewneck Halftee, your white jacket, and gray sneakers for this ensemble. Adjustable and comfy, you’ll be able to get ready quickly to tackle that to-do list.

Family Gathering

Outfit #8: Family Gathering

Whether you’re getting ready for your weekly family dinner or headed out to play with the kids, this is the perfect outfit for your day. Black jeans, a patterned top, a pink ¾ sleeve Halftee top, and your gray sneakers make this an easy decision as you prep for your day of fun.

The Everyday Ensemble

Outfit #9: The Everyday Ensemble

What do you have on your agenda today? Dropping kids off at school? Going to the grocery store? Dropping off mail at the post office? Meeting a friend for lunch? We all need a reliable outfit that will work for a diverse day.

Our go-to is black jeans, floral blouse, pink ¾ sleeve Halftee, white jacket, and gray sneakers. Whatever might come up during the day, this outfit will work for you.

Night Out With the Girls

Outfit #10: Night Out With the Girls

Crazy night of karaoke or checking out a trendy new restaurant, you want to look cute for your girl's night out. We love pairing black jeans with a striped top, pink ¾ sleeve Halftee, and black ankle boots!

Tips for Maximizing Your Wardrobe

We get it; even with some examples, it can feel overwhelming looking at your closet and trying to brainstorm different ways to style the same pieces. Here are some tips you can consider:

  • Make sure you’re looking at items that work for the season and that you genuinely love. If it’s summer and you still have tons of sweaters in your closet, store them for the season. If there are items that you’ve had for years but haven’t worn, consider donating them.
  • Identify your favorite articles of clothing. Knowing what your current go-to articles of clothing are will make it easier for you to find other pieces that you can pair together. Lay that one article out, and lay other pieces out with it to get an idea.
  • Take pictures of new outfit ideas. If you find ensembles you like through this exercise, take a picture of them so that you can remember to wear them! It’s easy to fall into a routine of wearing the same things. Knowing that you can refer to a catalog of options can get you out of that rut.

Using Halftees to Make The Perfect Ensembles

Trends come and go, and specific articles of clothing will enter your wardrobe and then later leave. But some items will always be in style, which will serve you well. Halftees are designed to provide comfort and coverage, proving an effortless wardrobe essential.

With various colors, necklines, sleeve lengths, and material options, we’ve made it a priority for you to find Halftees that complement the items in your closet. Check out our selection today, and get ready to fall back in love with your wardrobe!


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