Fashion, Business, MOM!

Funny story. Since I began to be a "fashion businesswoman," (which still doesn't roll off my tongue the way it ought to), I have tried to become more aware of how I want go out into the public. When one sells a fashion piece of clothing, one needs to "look" as though they know something about fashion. I am a work in progress and after five years I am still trying to figure fashion out. Especially trying to figure out how to work modesty into this fashion world.

Last Friday my four-year-old chicka was asked to help in a Junior High class---some life development class that helps the students learn lifelong skills. I was planning on simply dropping Cooper off and driving back home to work out and then shower and get ready. This particular morning was one of those mornings that I didn't "look" like a business owner, HAHA. Well, as luck would have it, Cooper refused to join Jill for her class activity. Completely refused!! Most women wouldn't have this option, but I had two other children that fit the parameters of the class activity. I went straight to my five-year-old, "Cruz, I will buy you two treats at 7-Eleven." NO! "I will let you play the Xbox for two hours and go to 7-eleven!" NOPE! "Fine, you are grounded from the XBOX and friends if you don't go!" Don't care I am not going! "Alright, Clancee (2), you want to go play with Jill, it is just like nursery at church." "No!" Hmmm--- I was getting desperate. I made the same promises to Cooper, along with the threats, but nothing was working. They both were more than happy to go IF I wanted to go with them......I looked like this...

fashion piece of clothing

Please take in the two different flip flops. That's all I could find. I was counting myself lucky that I found the correct feet. Count your blessings, right!

So I parked the car and inside we went. I stood there for 15 mins as Cooper got more comfortable being there with sweet Jill. The games were fun, and once the candy showed up, she was hooked. Ah, the days of motherhood. Always pushing you and always making you contemplate your motives. Friday was all about my dignity, but I put it aside RELUCTANTLY, and Cooper ended up having a great time! Thanks Jill for inviting her. Here's to fashion, business and being a mom. When you look at it with the right eyes, let's hope the 'mom' always wins!


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