Are you that teacher, nurse, cheerleader, or nursing mother?

In all of our travels with Halftee we always find the 'minority' niches in the Halftee world. The nurses, the dental hygienists, the cheerleaders /coaches, the preggos, the nursing mothers, and the teachers. I am sure there are many more niches but today I want to share a story that happened in my son's 2nd grade class.  Teachers all across the country rave about what a wonderful "life saver" a Hafltee is in their wardrobe. In any area of work where you spend a lot of time bending over, the problem of covering up or hanging out is something that needs to be attended to. Unfortunately women aren't always aware or willing to fix the problem, or haven't found their solution yet. I would like to scream out in all the Dr's offices and hospitals, dental offices, and schools and let all those hard working women out there know.... "there is a solution for your everyday problems, on the job."
Some time ago my son and I were working in the kitchen together. This particular son is my cut and dry, black and white type personality. Very frank in his observations and most of the time very wise with his perceptions and solutions. He was putting the dishes away, as I was putting more dirty ones in the dish washer. He stopped and said, "Mom, my teacher sure needed a Halftee today!" I kinda chuckled because what 8 year old sees a need and then tries to solve it, especially the fashion needs of his teacher. But this is the child that I came home from a church meeting one day and he had chopped all of his Hanes under t-shirts in half. When I asked why in the world he would do that, he said, "Hey they are MY Halftees." I got a good laugh, but onto the other story. So I simply asked, "why is that?" Call responded, "well every time she came over to help me with my homework she leaned over, and....... Well let's just leave it at that, she needed a Halftee!" I was laughing so hard. I responded back, "Dang tootin' son, she absolutely needs a Halftee!!" All I could think of was this sweet teacher just doing her job but completely oblivious to the fact that her poor 2nd grader was having a hard time knowing just where to look. 
Funny story huh?! So I ask what kind of teacher are you? Confident in your Halftee ---knowing no matter the task Halftee has got you covered? If you are that teacher, spread the Halftee love! All of your fellow specatacular teachers need a Halftee as much as you do! Do your job cleavage free, haha! Get dressed each morning with a Halftee!!
Amanda Campbell (Tami our office manager's daughter) drew this funny pic for me......
A teacher teaching her student
Funny Comic stripe...Not about cleavage but same idea, HAHA!
A drawing of a teacher and a student
Be Confident! Be Beautiful! Be YOU!


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