What is my least favorite immodest look?

Sorry for slacking on my posts the past two weeks. The Barkers loaded up the 12 seater passenger van and headed out for California for Spring Break. We spent a few days in Vegas, swimming and walking the stripe (in the day time:)) and then did some shopping. Then we headed down to The Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido, CA. Where we swam, did the beach and swam some more. Throughout the week, I defiantly realized my least favorite "immodest look." These things were on shelves in every store and were sported by women and girls of all ages. I know that they have been around since the Dukes of Hazzard, but I was too young then, and I obviously didn't have a teenage daughter. Charlee (my 13-year-old daughter) and I are constantly going the rounds on modesty. I am continually trying to help her understand that 2 inches in length does make a difference and can take an article of clothing out of the modest column and put it into the immodest column. It will be a constant topic of conversation between me the mom and her naive teenager :)

But "this" look we stand together on.....drum roll, please..........Daisy Duke shorts!! The length that goes barely below the bootie, the ones that when sitting on the shelf look like they could be denim underwear, the ones that when on a body the pockets are hanging out the bottom of the cut off legs. See pic below.....

A photo of a girl wearing denim shorts and shirt

So here they are in their glory! Sooooo not my favorite, but every where. 

I love Spring Break! I love spending time with my kiddos! I love the beach! I love swimming with the littles and watching them float on their back! I love having no schedule! I love getting a tan! I love the car ride (kinda)!  I love being with friends! I love no emails! I love the break from work and from home work! I love shopping even though everyone stares at us! I HATE Daisy Duke shorts! What do you love about spring break? What are your thoughts on Daisy Duke shorts? Here is super cool article on Top 10 apps for kids in the car on your way to Spring Break.... Happy Travels!


The calendar is about to flip to April and with that comes Spring Break, at least here in West Michigan. It’s been another brutally cold and long winter and I personally can’t wait to get to some warmth, relaxation, and time with my family away from the daily school routine. As families prepare to hit the road or just enjoy some time off here are ten great iPad apps and features for Spring Break 2015. 

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