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3 Attractive Pregnancy Clothes Proven to Be Comfortable

Let’s get real. Pregnancy is such a crazy and emotional time. So much is changing! One minute you have normal food urges and the next you want pickles on your caramel ice-cream with hot sauce drizzled on top. You can be so excited and happy one minute, then the next, have steam coming out your ears in a rage because your partner put out the wrong placemats.

Having a baby is so exciting… not so exciting? Nothing fits anymore and you feel fat in EVERYTHING. Now I don’t know if I nailed maternity dressing any of the times that I’ve been pregnant. But I can tell you what I’ve learned, and I will do the next time! So, with all these crazy changes going on, how can you feel sexy, confident, and pretty through your pregnancy? Well, you need three things:

1. Maternity pants

I used helpful “hacks” for a long time (using a hair tie to loop through my buttonhole to extend the reach). But in the end, maternity pants were much more comfortable. My advice, MAKE IT HAPPEN and get yourself many pairs of maternity jeans, leggings, and cute pants. No joke.

It was hard for me to buy maternity pants because they feel ridiculously expensive for a nine-month lifespan. BUT, think about this, your body takes time to heal and shrink back to normal and sometimes it never does. I wore my maternity pants up to one year after each kid, because they were that comfortable. That’s nearly two years of life!

Motherhood is amazing and even better with cute pants! Target now has a great and stylish maternity section as well. It used to be hard to look cute while pregnant. Let me tell you, how lucky you are, to be pregnant NOW. Even eight years ago, fashionable maternity was not really a thing. DO yourself a solid and buy maternity pants of all kinds! You will thank me later!

2. Cute Maternity Tops

It can be hard for some of us to wear the maternity shirts that tighten under your bust and flow over the belly in the early stages of pregnancy. You don’t want to spill the beans too early, or you may be in a little bit of denial… all normal.

Maybe, you are super EXCITED right off the bat and can’t wait to tell the world! Yet, those frilly tops aren’t your style. Well, let me tell you my favorite thing about today’s style, loose tops are in. They give the belly some room to breathe at any stage. Then, when you are back in action after the baby, you can tie a little knot in the front for an additional cute style. Money saver!

I also love the t-shirts with the gatherings up the side. They allow for stretch when needed but stay form-fitting before and after you don that cute baby bump. As I said, you are so lucky to be pregnant now! Maternity styles are so much better!

3. Comfortable Layers


You go through almost a menopause while pregnant. Freezing one minute, to boiling the next. Your skin itches while it stretches for the little angel growing inside of you. Ease these struggles with a Halftee!

When Halftee came into my life, man, was it a game-changer. Spoiler alert, your cleavage grows with your growing belly. Suddenly you are sporting some bigger “sisters” and you don’t know how to contain them. Not to mention, most maternity clothes sport low hanging shirts (which are meant to help with nursing, but hello! The baby isn’t nursing from inside my womb… I need some coverage!) Luckily Halftee can fix that by adding extra comfortable coverage to your chest.

There are a ton of Halftee sleeve lengths and colors to pair with any outfit. But you don’t have to worry about an added layer on your growing itchy belly.

ADDED BONUS! When your slice of heaven gets here, Halftee makes it so easy to breastfeed! All those maternity shirts are low enough to whip out breasts when needed, but layers make it difficult to do so! No new momma needs that added stress. Halftee slides over the breast for an easy reveal while still providing comfortable coverage and layers.

So, let’s recap what you need to nail maternity dressing. You need a few great pairs of maternity pants, which are worth the investment. A bunch of multi-functioning maternity tops that will still be cute when you are sporting the baby in the baby carriage (and won’t make people wonder if you are expecting another one.) Plus, a Halftee to add comfortable layers, with the bonus of nursing comfort and ease after the baby arrives.

Momma, you are working hard to grow that little life and you deserve to feel good doing it. Get your sisters, your best friend, your mom, or even your partner and go shopping for some maternity essentials! You’ve earned it!


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