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5 Attractive Winter Kids Clothes That Will Make You an Amazing Mom

It’s cold. Even with the heat on, inside can feel chilled… Yeah, that’s winter! Snow falling, slush on the ground and your kids come home soaked! It’s easy to know what they should wear when they are outside, coats, snow boots, snow pants, hats, and gloves. But what should your kids be wearing INSIDE during the winter? What essential items should they have? Have no fear, here are 5 essential winter items for your kids!

1. Lined Pants

There are some super cute fleece-lined jeans for kids. Cat & Jack brand from Target has boys and girls jeans lined with flannel or fleece. This keeps their legs warmer inside at school with extra warmth when outside during recess! They are available at Amazon, Walmart, Target, JC Penney and even H&M has some.

2. Sweaters

A quality (and cute) sweater is a must for any kid. I’m not talking a hoodie that covers their whole outfit, I mean let’s face it, we work hard to dress our kids cute! I’m talking about a nice and attractive sweater that can be worn all day and adds warmth to your little nuggets. Gap has a lot of cute sweaters. Those sweaters are a little more high-end as far as cost goes but you can find some killer deals.

For those of us on a tighter budget, Target and Walmart also have some cute kids’ clothes. Their kids’ clothes are sometimes cuter than their adult clothes! Anyone else wish that their kids clothes from Target came in adult sizes?!?! Just me? Oh- okay… well it’s true! My girls have got some darling clothes from both Target and Walmart.

3. Warm Socks

You know those super soft, thick socks you get? Well, they also make them in kid’s sizes. You can mainly find them at outdoors stores or at Amazon, but they are soooo much better than the flimsy and thin kid socks I normally buy. The most heat escapes the body through people's feet and head… kids can’t always wear a hat, but they do always need socks! Get your kids a few QUALITY pairs of warm socks. They will NEED them in the cold months!

4. Water-Resistant Shoes

Now you don’t need to go off and buy your kids $100 shoes that are water-resistant and kind of ugly. Instead, you can get them a couple pairs of decent boots and tennis shoes. Then, spray the shoes with this awesome water-resistant coating that adds a seal to the outside of the shoe.

Years ago, I bought my oldest a pair of little leather hiking boots from Payless. They had a deal on this water-resistant shoe spray, so we bought it and sprayed her boots. Six years later and 3 kids in (yes, all three wore these boots) they are still in amazing shape! You can find the spray at Amazon and most shoe stores for $5 - $12. Spray their sneakers, boots and even dress shoes! This helps to keep their warm socks dry, which keeps them healthier, longer!

5. Layering Shirts

Often all your little ones need to stay warm, so you add an extra clothing layer. You can find thermals for your boys (and girls, but here’s an even better idea for your little lady) …. AND, drumroll please…. Halftee’s are perfect layering pieces for your little girls! Halftee offers some of your favorite sleeves in “Girlee” sizes! So, get your little gal a long sleeve Girlee Halftee and add some extra warmth under her tops without the extra bulk!

You made and love these mini human beings, so you want them to stay healthy, warm and alive. Who says they can’t look cute while functional? Get your little ones these 5 winter wardrobe essentials for cute outfits that will actually keep them warm this winter!


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