4 Reasons We Love Fall Jackets

4 Reasons We Love Fall Jackets

It’s that time of year! The time of year where so many enjoy the aroma of pumpkin spice, the crunch of the leaves underfoot, and the cool breeze blowing in the change of seasons. Just as the seasons change to symbolize a new beginning, so does the fashion industry with the ever shifting styles and trends. Why do you love the styles that YOU do? Every beautiful woman has her own unique reason behind her choices of fashion and there is no exemption to fall jackets. Whether your reasons fall under functional or creating a fashion statement. Here’s 4 reasons to love the new styling jackets for fall.


The first reason is Independence. There is something magical that happens when a woman finds who she is and expresses herself that way. What you wear plays a huge role in your identity. It is generally the first impression we have on others. I have had my fair share of those who tried to influence me and even tell me how to dress into my adulthood. Now, I tend to go for an edgier look such as a black leather jacket with matching boots. It’s my own symbol of self expression. New styling jackets can exude that desire of independence. It’s one reason to love them!


The second reason is inspiration. A new styling jacket can leave you feeling inspired. It can change a woman’s walk. Perhaps she shyly walked with a quiet shuffle of her feet along the ground before she entered the store for her new purchase. She exits as seemingly a new woman. Her long strides exude a woman of confidence. Her new styling jacket keeps her warm and cozy as she heads out to join her friends for a warm beverage at the local coffee shop. She glides seamlessly, her head held high, her eyes gaze upon a horizon before her. Some may think it’s just a fall jacket, but to her it’s so much more. It inspires her to be bold as herself.


The third reason is creativity! In today’s culture it is encouraged more than ever to be creative and self expressive. I don’t know about you but when fall hits, I feel like I’m discovering myself all over again. A new fall jacket sparks creativity in my wardrobe. I personally love layering, especially in the fall! My favorite way to layer underneath the new line of fall jackets is with a Halftee! They carry so many choices of colors and styles making it so fun to coordinate outfits together. My favorite is the black Peekaboo Halftee. It pairs nicely under a flannel for a warm cozy feel but without the bulk because it stops right under the bust line. Between the new styling jackets and Halftee’s, I’m left feeling a creative new spark to this season. Another great reason to love the new styling jackets this fall!

Self Exploration

The fourth and final reason is self exploration. Trends come and go, but each time an old trend resurfaces, it blooms into something new and exciting! Perhaps this year you feel that something new has bloomed inside of you. Where last fall you kept your favorite jacket you’ve shared so many memories with, but this year you want to start a new journey out of your comfort zone. You hear the buzz of other shoppers as you slip on a new beautiful jacket that sparks the flame you already felt inside. The outward expression of an inward individual, can be found in something as simple as a new styling jacket for fall.


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