5 Must Do Winter Activities - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

5 Must Do Winter Activities

Winter activities are a little harder to dress for because it requires thought, thinking about the weather! We have what to do and what to wear while you’re doing it all mapped out here! It’s a wonderful winter!


Of all the winter activities this has to be the best by far! Even if you can’t ski or snowboard, these sports are fun to learn and a great way to stay active this winter. Utah also has some of the best ski resorts with stunning views. If you're not going for the sport, go for the snow and the views! Being outside does require some layering (unless you like to freeze), I typically wear a turtleneck halftee on the slopes to keep myself warm under my jacket. The turtleneck is great for warmth on your neck!


Ice Castles

A great way to get outside this winter is hitting up the ice castles! Whether it's a date night, girls night out, or fun with the family! Have some fun and live out your Frozen fantasy! The ice castles are magical, they quite literally feel like a Disney movie! Given you are somewhere called an ice castle, it is safe to assume it might be chilly. So make sure to be warm and stylish because who does anything without documenting nowadays! Your best bet is a shacket or any form of a button down layered with a mock neck halftee! Throw on some jeans and boots, you are good to go! It is so darling and perfect to wear for the many pictures you will get!


Jazz Game

Winter means basketball season! A fun activity for the whole family or just your friends when you need a break! If you’re not in Utah, go to your NBA team and have a fun night experiencing the ambience of an exciting sports game! It’s always fun to get done up for a casual night time event! Basketball isn’t exactly something you get dressed up for, but it’s important to remain stylish and comfortable. A great outfit is a little jumper and your choice of a classic long sleeve or a 3/4 Halftee. Keeping it warm and cute. Throw on some sneakers and you’re ready to hit the court!


Ice Skating

Family, fun for everyone, ice-skating is a classic way to enjoy your winter! Most local rinks offer ice-skating in the winter. Get your blades on and go skating! Unless you are a seasoned skater, most of us aren’t, you’re probably going to fall on your bum a few times! Make sure you have a pair of jeans on rather than leggings so the feeling of ice isn’t as brutal! My go-to outfit for ice-skating is a flannel paired with a crew neck long sleeve and maybe a puffer vest to throw over it! A puffer may even break your fall 😂. 



Movie Night

For the times you just wanna stay inside and keep warm a movie is your best bet! Whether you’re going to the theaters or making your own popcorn at home! No need to get dressed up for the movies, let's just stay comfy! A pair of leggings or sweatpants will do just the trick, I love a good quarter zip sweatshirt with a V-neck halftee! It is the way to go! So grab those snacks and chocolates, and let the tape roll!



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