Get Your Wardrobe SPRING ready with Kellyann Rohr - HALFTEE Layering Fashions

Get Your Wardrobe SPRING ready with Kellyann Rohr

Hey there! My name is Kellyann and I have a blog, This Blonde’s Shopping Bag. I write and share about the things I believe are important to women forty and above to help lead a life that is stylish, relevant, and full. My mission was borne mostly out of necessity when I realized so many women my age felt trapped in old style rules and gave so much of their time and energy to their families they had little left for themselves. Frumpy was never an option for me, I choose fabulous every time and hope to inspire others to do the very same! I am so happy to serve as a guest blogger today to talk about getting your wardrobe ready for Spring!

Spring is right around the corner and with it, warmer temperatures and major wardrobe changes! Having been bundled up for the cooler winter months, it’s time to break out the lighter clothes and have fun with Spring fashion. 

What to Do to Get Spring Ready

The time to start getting ready for Spring is now! If you stowed away your shorts, tanks, sundresses, and sandals, pull them out. Take an inventory of what you have by examining each piece. Purge any items that no longer fit you or your style. If they are in need of repair or mending, get that done. Decide what gets donated, what gets thrown out, and what gets to stay.

Once you’ve decided what you’re keeping, make a list of what you need. Now, if you are anything like me, certain pieces need to be replaced each season. Things like a good white button down and white tee top my list! Probably because they are wardrobe staples, mine usually end up either stained or just tired looking. There’s nothing like a crisp, clean white top!

Recently, one of my go-to brands, Half Tee started offering a monthly service that provides you a brand new white tee every month for only $25 (that includes shipping!). The program is called fresh2023. The white tee is seasonally appropriate so you’ll always have what you need, fresh and new!

Even though my favorite Half Tee is the Boyfriend style, the tank is useful too, Especially when it comes to wearing tops with spaghetti straps. Nothing kills a look like bra straps, and I’d rather wear a regular bra than a strapless one any day - more support! So, a Half Tee in differing varieties is a foundation for my Spring wardrobe. 



 A Half Tee under my favorite sundress!

In my neck of the woods, Spring weather can be all over the place! Some days it’s chilly while others it’s quite warm. One of the ways I deal with the erratic temperatures is to wear layers. Half Tee has come to my rescue more than once and I now have quite the collection. I’ll wear a Half Tee under a sundress, thin strapped tops, and even jackets. I find they provide the right amount of coverage without any of the bulk that wearing a traditional tee or tank would. Frankly, I don’t need any extra bulk around the middle! 


If I am not wearing a jacket or lightweight cardigan, I find I’m not quite ready to have bare shoulders and arms just yet. Once again, I reach for my Half Tees to layer and provide coverage. Personally, I enjoy not having to worry about bra straps showing either - total bonus! 

Trending Styles for Spring 2023

For Spring 2023, there are lots of fun trends in store! Spring means bright and happy colors and in 2023 we’ll see more pink, blue and yellow. If you think you can’t wear these colors, try adding accessories or wear the color away from your face.



Polka dots are always in style but this year they’ll be on trend! That means we’ll be seeing them everywhere! Typically florals are front and center once the weather warms up but this year polka dots are all the rage. 

Another style we’ll see is sheer fabrics. I’ll admit when I hear the word “sheer” I immediately think, no, not for me.However, I use my Half Tees under sheer tops - this allows me to participate in the trend in a way that feels comfortable for me. 

Bright colors like hot pink or fuschia are on trend for Spring, 2023. You’ll also see bright blue and lilac. Spring fashion is all about happy colors that bring smiles to our faces! You might remember the term dopamine dressing from last year - basically wearing clothes in colors you feel good in - well that is still a trend this year. Here’s a pro tip for you: if you feel like these bright colors don’t really suit you, try wearing them away from your face. Either on your bottom half or layer them with a white top so the white is closest to your face. 

Don’t Forget Accessories

Accessories are the icing on the cake when it comes to achieving that “put together’ look. In the last few years very dainty jewelry has been trending. In 2023 we will see chunkier necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.


Good news for those of you who didn’t love the teeny tiny handbags that the last few years saw us carrying. The pendulum has swung to the other side and now large, oversized bags are on trend. Straw, rattan, and canvas totes are popular once the weather warms. I like to tie a colorful scarf on my bags to add a little personality. 

Of course more time outside means you’ll need to grab some new sunnies to protect those peepers! Oversized sunglasses add instant glam to any look! This is an area I don’t like to spend too much on. I tend to either sit on, scratch, or break my sunnies. I find that Amazon has a great selection of trendier sunnies at such great prices. This allows me to have different styles and colors for my various events and occasions. 

Is your wardrobe Spring ready? If not, what’s holding you back? Now’s the time to look ahead!


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