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Winter Wardrobe Essentials YOU Should Own

Here at Halftee Head Quarters, this week has been crazy with weather. We've got snow piled high, we have snow trucks going everywhere, ski resorts are popping, but with that we have below freezing temperatures! I feel like when once we get cold, we just forget about fashion and try to stay nice and snuggly warm. Today, I wanted to talk about some really awesome winter trends. In my opinion, I don't even think they're trends but rather more classic looks that you can use to put together still really cute outfits! These outfits are comfortable, cozy, AND most important of all keep you warm! I want to start with what I have been wearing these cold days. 

First off, these jeans are probably my favorite pair of jeans I have. They are pretty basic and work with everything! Zara makes them just a little over sized and cropped above the ankles. I roll them up to work with boots better, but you could definitely unroll them.


Speaking of boots, today I styled these jeans with Uggs. I've had these Uggs forever! I love the length and size of them. I'm not a huge chunky clothing fan… Big boots make  me feel rather claustrophobic. So, these boots are perfect for me!


Moving on to my top, I absolutely love the look of this flannel. And, of course, I'm styling with a Mock neck Long sleeve Halftee! I think that a Mockneck is essential when we are talking about styling in the winter season.


Okay, now that we’ve gone through what I am wearing today… I want to move onto some of the “trends” I mentioned earlier! 

To start, flannels and shackets. What is a shacket you ask? Well, shackets are basically newly revived flannels and I think everyone needs to have a flannel or shacket in their closet! Whether it's a lighter flannel, an oversized flannel, or a secondhand flannel! I actually picked up another one of my flannels from an upcycling store! They put their own little patches on it and they bleached out the bottom half! I absolutely love this flannel. I think it is so unique and one-of-a-kind.


If you’re looking for more warmth and quality, you can go for a thicker shacket! And trust me when I say, these shackets are super in right now! They can be styled in so many different ways; I think it’s so much fun. You can button them up, wear them with a layering piece (like Halftees!), or wear them like I have this on today, using this as a layering top. As I said, lots of different looks, but you are always amping up your outfits!

Moving on from shackets and flannels, next I want to talk about sweaters. Ugh! I love sweaters! Sweaters are something that I really feel like you can dress up, you can wear over a dress, you can make it your jacket of sorts, pretty much anything you need! So, I love a really nice sweater. 


I have two sweaters here. The first one is just a basic cream color. Okay, if you don't have a basic cream sweater… Go get one NOW! I promise you that you will wear it way more than you think you will. My next sweater here is more of a statement piece. I really like this salt and pepper look. It’s also oversized. There's a lot of diversity you can achieve with these sweaters… You can tuck them in, you can wear them with sweatpants, you can wear them with dresses and skirts, you can do this little hack I found where you tuck it into your bra and get a nice clean tuck, you can also use the hack with a hair tie like I’ve shown in over videos! Sweaters, to me, especially when we’re talking about neutral colors are a really awesome way to diversify your closet.  

The next essential, I want to talk about is cardigans. Ladies! It’s important to differentiate two styles of cardigans: new and old styles. I'm going to show you in a picture some of the old style looks of cardigans. These are out… The new style that we are bringing in are longer and neutral cardigans! We want them to go below our waist and create a nice straight line. These are a few cardigans that we actually carry here at Halftee! I love these two colors. Again, you're looking for neutral colors, letting these beautiful pieces go with everything that you put on! These cardigans’ colors consist of a blush color and a more oatmeal color. 


I actually just brought this cardigan from home. I love this open knit cardigan! I love the length, and the cream color is something that I can wear with just about anything. (Again, neutral colors are key for layering!) So, another winter essential is a longer cardigan, whether you like them a little thicker or a little lighter. 


Up next, I want to talk about styling for church or more formal occasions! A trend that is happening this winter are the sweater dresses. So, I snagged this sweater dress. I love the pop of color with the fuchsia. Apparently, ladies, fuchsia is now a winter color. I personally can't believe it, but it is! It only makes me love this sweater dress more. I'm going to style this with a jean jacket, I can belt it, and change out different shoes. I am getting a lot of different looks with this sweater! Now, honestly, if I wanted to unbutton this specific one I could actually wear this as a cardigan with a pair of jeans and it would be darling! 


Another winter essential I want to talk about is midi skirts! Now, here at Halftee, we have quite a few midi skirts coming in this season. I love the length of this animal print satin skirt. Since, it's a midi length it makes it perfect to wear with ankle boots or knee-high boots. I can style this with my cream sweater and even my salt and pepper sweater! I love this skirt with a monochromatic look or you could style it with a really cute graphic tee and jean jacket! Even style this with that fuschia sweater dress, leaving it unbuttoned! It is so diverse! 


Jean jackets! If you know one thing about me, you know that I love jean jackets. I probably have about ten… and I actually have one in my Amazon cart right now waiting to be ordered. I have my top two jean jackets here. This is my shorter one and I believe that every woman needs a shorter jean jacket. This is something I had to learn for myself. If you are shorter or have a rectangular body shape this is a great way to really create some definition at your waistline. My suggestion: find a jean jacket that's a little bit shorter, that fits you nicely right at the waist, and  it will give you a really clean hourglass feel. On top of that, these jackets really bring your whole outfit together! This specific jacket is one that I got at Zara a few years ago. I love the distressed look it brings to just about anything. 

This next jacket, you guys have seen this in past videos (specifically my Walmart haul video), and I love this oversized, longer jean jacket. I wear it to church, I wear it to the movies, I wear it everywhere! It really is just a classic length. It's something that you will have forever and you can use forever. You can style it up or style it down. 

We could not have a Winter's essential session without talking about my favorite winter Halftees. To start off, the black and white Long sleeve Turtleneck is a must-have. If you're not super into turtlenecks, then I would absolutely go for the Mock neck! But, Turtlenecks give a classic and trendy look! They have been around since, I don't know, forever! In fact, we have so many comments that the Halftee is the new and improved ‘Dickie’ that I would say that the Turtleneck is the closest we get to that look. They are just a constant essential in a wardrobe. It's so awesome that we can get this look with a layering tee without any bulk and overheating! 


I want to talk about shoes now. Shoes are always coming and going in the trends, but let's talk about two styles that I really feel like are never going to go away. These are something you can put in your closet and you’re going to pull out all the time. First, a really cute mid-rise combat boot. These are more of a leather-suede material. I prefer black, but you could definitely go brown! I think black is the easiest color to style with because it really goes with just about anything! This style of boot I can wear coaching, I can wear to church. I can wear them to the movies–again it's very diverse. Making it an essential piece to your winter wardrobe.


The second pair, these are a little bit more trendy, I did go out and buy these boots. I'm seeing them everywhere. I had lots of boots in my closet already, but I just feel like they just weren't quite working. Either, they were flat or I didn't love the color of brown, but these are a nice pair of longer, up to the knee boots. With these, I'm going to style them with leggings or skinny jeans. The chunky heel on this pair gives me a little bit of height. Which is nice being only 5'3. It's important for me to sometimes get some height! Where are these from? Target! This type of brown is a little bit more sophisticated, which in my opinion amps up your style! I also love these high boots. With the “to the knee” look, you can style them lots of different ways!


Lastly, but certainly not least, let's talk about beanies. Beanies are one clothing option that I love. I've got several of them in my closet. I think they can add a winter feel very easily, especially on Bad Hair Days! I love putting my hair in little knots and topping it with a beanie. I think they're really fun and wintry. You just need a couple of basic colors and maybe one that’s more fun!


So, those are my essentials for winter! You need some flannels, shackets, sweaters, jean jackets, midi skirts, cardigans, boots, Mockneck and Turtleneck Halftees, and beanies! Remember to stay neutral when shopping for layering pieces. A pop of color can be fun, but neutrals allow for a more diverse piece of clothing! That’s the best way to get your bang for your buck! If you guys have any other cute winter clothing ideas comment them down below! Or if you agree with anything, keep the conversation going! 



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