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5 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe

The transition between seasons can be a tricky time for your wardrobe. Is it warm enough to put away your sweaters? Monday was sunny but Friday it was cloudy and cold. What’s a girl to do?! But not to worry, tweaking your pieces to look chic for spring can be easy. Here are some tips on how to ease into spring fashion smooth sailing and leave you stylish for any weather.

1. Trade in your scarf for a printed bandana

transition wardrobe

Bandanas are all the rage this season. Lighten up your outfit with a cute printed bandana paired with a casual shirt and skirt combo and you’ll be right on with the fashionable trends.

2. Pair your favorite jeans with a blazer and sandals

No need to stop wearing your favorite jeans for spring, wear them with your favorite sandals! Jeans and sandals paired with a cute blazer look great on any shape, and will give you enough layers to feel warm during the spring.

transition wardrobe

3. Cold shoulder tops with a Halftee

transition wardrobe
transition wardrobe
+transition wardrobe

Another hot trend right now are the cold shoulder tops. They may be cute, but for those of us who don’t want to show off our shoulders, adding a Boyfriend Halftee underneath could be your fashion dream come true.

4. Spruce up an old sweater

transition wardrobe

You know that boring sweater in your closet you’re so tired of? Spruce it up with a cute button up shirt underneath to add some character and dimension to your outfit.

5. Bright white jeans for brighter days

transition wardrobe

What style screams SPRING better than white jeans?! Brighten up your outfit with all-white jeans and you’ll be strutting through your day like a rockstar.

Incorporating these styles into your wardrobe transition will get you feeling confident and beautiful as you anxiously await warmer weather.


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