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How to Use A Base Layer In Your Closet

Everybody needs a Boyfriend. Boyfriends make the perfect base layer!

boyfriend base layer

Today we’re talking about one of our favorite Halftee styles: The Boyfriend! We absolutely love our Boyfriends. And not just the men in our life ;) The Boyfriend as a base layer has a perfect fit. So many people ask where does it hit on the body? It hits right beneath the chest. If you are large breasted and wondering if the band will go over your chest, reverse the shirt. The neckline on the backside actually is higher up, so reversing the shirt will give you even more coverage. Our shirts don’t have tags so you are free to use it either way!

What is MODAL? Modal is a fabric that is a mixture of cotton made from beech trees. This fabric gives you a lot of great stretch without the restriction of a spandex. It creates an amazing soft feel of touch.

The sleeve length of a Boyfriend hits at just the right spot. It covers that insecure part of our arms that we all talk about. It hides that section on the back of our arms that may get a little bit flabby-the dreaded “bat wings.” This shirt gives you that nice feminine look on your arms, and great coverage above your chest.

The Boyfriend has a flat hem, opposed to a bias bound hem. Some people love the bias to give them a more dress-up feel, and others prefer the flat thinking it looks more like a current style. Some of our other styles have bias, but the Boyfriend has the flat on the neck and the sleeves.

boyfriend base layer

What can you wear with your Boyfriend? Boyfriend’s are the perfect shirt to pair with a maxi dress. There is no way to wear a normal full length tee under a maxi dress- you are constantly pulling and tugging to keep it from riding up. I know I’m not the only one who has to hide in the corner or in a bathroom somewhere, reaching up our dress searching for our shirt to pull it back down. The rest of the day we’re either tucking it into our underwear or our tights or wherever to try to not have to pull it down, but we all know it never works. Which is why we created Halftee to cut off right below the chest! There is no tugging, pulling, giving you a nice clean look. Great coverage for our chest and to lean out our arms.

Boyfriend’s are perfect for the spring weather. We get cooler mornings and cooler nights, but the days are getting a little warmer. For a little coverage and warmth a Boyfriend is great under sleeveless tops.

Another trend that is big right now are jumpers. I love jumpers, but how do you wear a full length shirt under a jumper?? Even worse than than the maxi dresses, you’ve got legs so you can’t reach underneath and they have the cute little tapered waistlines, making it near impossible to adjust any full length shirt underneath.

What colors do we offer in the Boyfriend for a base layer? We offer: white, black, cream, brown, pink, red, gray, navy, coral, and sage. Black and white are easy colors to throw on, but the Halftee is a perfect way to add just a little splash of color to something that would otherwise be a little boring. Or if you want to get a different look with your clothes, one day you wear it with the white and next week you wear it with the coral and you have a whole different outfit on. We LOVE our Boyfriends!!

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  • Leilani: June 07, 2017

    Will you be making halftees with collars sometime in the future for layering? Thanks for the great products!

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